Zholdasbek, Seilkhan, Begaliyev and Zhumatay were the bests at the Kazakhstan Men’s Youth National Championships

The Kazakhstan Men’s Youth National Championships celebrated its 14 gold medallists in the city of Oral where 271 boxers competed for the prizes. The National Championships was held a few weeks after the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships but almost all of their stars competed in Oral.

Boxers from the Karagandy region, the Dzhambul region, the Kyzyl-Orda region and Shymkent city were the bests in the new edition of the Kazakhstan Men’s Youth National Championships. Boxers who were born in 2006 and in 2007 were eligible to participate in the Kazakhstan Men’s Youth National Championships in Oral.

The age group is the youth category in the year of 2024 therefore it was the first selection competition for these 16 and 17-year-old talents in Kazakhstan.

The pinweight (46kg) has been added to the official program therefore 14 champions won their gold medals in Oral. Almas Khinekin of Atyrau region earned the first gold medal in the national event, he had a tight success over Nursayat Tynysbekov in the opening final.

Zhetysu region’s Adilbek Kozhakhan became one of the youngest winners in the Youth National Championships, he defeated Abay Toleubekov at the minimumweight (48kg).

Karagandy region’s Almaz Nurlan and his teammate, Ruslan Kulumbekov advanced to the final of the flyweight (51kg) and the first had the routine to win this title bout.

A new bantamweight (54kg) talent, Yerkhan Ontalapov had a seriously hard contest against Yerzhan Iztleuov but he won the tightest contests of the final session. 

Aktau region’s Zhansery Kosherbay, a participant from the recent ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships, had an outstanding debut at the featherweight (57kg) in the national event where he was too smart for Galymzhan Yermekbayev.

Shymkent’s Bek Zholdasbek is one of the best boxers in the 2006 age group but he had to do his very best against another ASBC Asian Junior bronze medallist, Aleksey Khavantsev, to beat him in the final of the lightweight (60kg).

A 16-year-old talent from the Dzhambul region, the Asian Junior Championships bronze medallist Askar Kuanysh, moved up to the light welterweight (63.5kg), and he made an impressive youth debut in Oral where he had the strength to beat the ASBC Asian Junior Champion Akhmet Ussen in the final.

Oner Seilkhan dominated all of his four contests at the light middleweight (71kg), including his final against Almukhammed Akhmetov.

Shymkent’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion Sanzhar-Ali Begaliyev won two out of his four contests by RSC and he proved his amazing development at the middleweight (75kg).

Madiyar Beksultanov triumphed over Astana’s big puncher, Shamil Sagidoldayev at the light heavyweight (80kg) while the ASBC Asian Junior silver medallist Asylan Yeldibayuly dominated the heavyweight (92kg).

Almaty’s Nurkeldy Zhumatay smashed his opponents at the super heavyweight (+92kg) and he knocked out his final rival, Salauat Tilekbay still in the first round.

The list of the winners at the Kazakhstan Youth National Championships

 46kg: Almas Khinekin, 2006

 48kg: Adilbek Kozhakhan, 2007

 51kg: Almaz Nurlan, 2006

 54kg: Yerkhan Ontalapov, 2006

 57kg: Zhansery Kosherbay, 2006

 60kg: Bek Zholdasbek, 2006

 63.5kg: Askar Kuanysh, 2007

 67kg: Sultan Turdaly, 2007

 71kg: Oner Seilkhan, 2006

 75kg: Sanzhar-Ali Begaliyev, 2006

 80kg: Madiyar Beksultanov, 2006

 86kg: Imangali Nurpeisov, 2006

 92kg: Asylan Yeldibayuly, 2006

 +92kg: Nurkeldy Zhumatay, 2006

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