Raksat, Chinzorig and Zeinullinov eliminated stars at the Asian Games

Thailand’s Chuthamat Raksat, Mongolia’s Chinzorig Baatarsukh and Kazakhstan’s Yertugan Zeinullinov eliminated the most dangerous rivals in the eighth session of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. Thailand’s Chuthamat Raksat claimed two bronze medals in the history of the Women’s World Boxing Championships but the 30-year-old boxer is in her career’s best shape this year. Raksat […]

Askat Kultayev eliminated India’s Shiva Thapa in a superb contest

Kyrgyzstan’s Askat Kultayev delivered the main sensation of the afternoon session in the fourth competition day in Hangzhou where he eliminated India’s veteran Shiva Thapa. Bangladesh’s Mohamed Salim Hossain won the country’s first contest in the Asian Games on Day3 and their US-based Zinnat Ferdous also made her debut in Hangzhou. She began boxing only […]

Palestine and Bangladesh won their first contests in the Asian Games

The evening session of the third competition day delivered excellent bouts at the men’s featherweight (57kg) in the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Palestine and Bangladesh won their first contests during the session when India’s Narender Berwal knocked out his opponent. Lundaa Gantumur replaced Enkh-Amar Kharkhuu in the Mongolian national team and the 22-year-old featherweight (57kg) […]

Paalam and Khalokov were the bests of the session in the Asian Games

One female and nine male contests took place in the fifth session of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. Philippines’ Carlo Paalam eliminated an Asian Champion while Uzbekistan’s star Abdumalik Khalokov impressed in his opener as well. Thailand’s Baison Manikon won the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships in Bangkok this January and she has five […]

South Korea, Afghanistan and UAE won contests in the fourth session in the Asian Games

The winners of the women’s welterweight (66kg) advanced to the quarter-finals in the fourth session of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. South Korea, Afghanistan and United Arab Emirates won contests in this session and several of the stars also joined the next stage. The South Korean coaches were confident about their women’s welterweight (66kg) […]

Kostanay Coaches Memorial Tournament in Kostanay, Kazakhstan – Final Sheets

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Strong session for Thailand in the Asian Games

Eleven contests were held in the third session of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China today where three weight classes were in actions. Thailand’s duo, Janjaem Suwannapheng and Thitisan Panmod both eliminated tough rivals in the second day of boxing. Kazakhstan’s Natalya Bogdanova is a newcomer in the national team at the women’s welterweight (66kg) […]

Zareen, Pang and Nguyen impressed in the evening session of Day1

The evening session opened with a fantastic battle in the Asian Games and India’s Nikhat Zareen was able to win that in Hangzhou, China. DPR Korea’s former World Champion Pang Chol Mi returned with a success and Vietnam’s 19-year-old Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tran made a strong performance as well. India’s two-time World Champion Nikhat Zareen […]

Fajardo and Kultayev knocked out their rivals in the first session of the Asian Games

The first session of the Asian Games concluded with 11 bouts in Hangzhou, China and several exciting matches were in the openers. Philippines’ teenager Mark Ashley Fajardo and Kyrgyzstan’s Askat Kultayev delivered the first knockouts of the Games. Two experienced girls, Mongolia’s Yesugen Oyuntsetseg and Philippines’ Aira Villegas started the entire Asian Games in the […]

The Asian Games opens with 21 top bouts on Day1

The boxing event of the Asian Games will start tomorrow with 21 contests in Hangzhou, China on September 24. All of the sessions in the upcoming days will begin at 14:00 and 19:00 in the Asian Games and several final-level contests are scheduled already in the first competition day. The number of the female boxers […]