ASBC objective

  1.  To improve, promote, and spread within Asia the sport of boxing in all its forms, in the light of its educational, cultural and sports values and to initiate programs designed to support young athletes.
  2. To generally promote boxing as a healthy and educational activity for people, to protect the safety of boxers and their welfare at all levels, notably by promoting and controlling a good sporting practice.
  3. To ensure the enforcement of the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules at all international, regional or national competitions organized on the continent.
  4. To organize at the continental level its own international or regional competitions.
  5. To ensure that all competitions open to National Federations are held in accordance with the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules.
  6. To regulate boxing in all its forms at the continental level in accordance with this Constitution and its Bylaws, the AIBA Bylaws, the AIBA Technical and Competition Rules, the Code of Ethics and the Disciplinary Code, the AIBA Procedural Rules and the AIBA Anti-Doping Rules.
  7. To ensure unity between AIBA, AIBA Affiliates, other Confederations and the National Federations.
  8. To protect and care for the safety and interest of boxers.
  9. To train and improve the quality and transparency of all Officials.
  10. To prevent any method, practice or action that could compromise the regularity or the result of the competitions.
  11. To respect the Olympic Charter and further promote the sport of boxing. To promote the involvement of women in the sport of boxing and enhance women’s boxing programs.