The Tleugerey Makanalin Junior Tournament started with 26 preliminary bouts today

The Tleugerey Makanalin International Junior Tournament started with 26 preliminary contests in Kazakhstan today. The new international junior event supports the development of the best talents in the Central Asian region and their neighbours. Balkhash is a city in Kazakhstan located on the northern shore of the Lake Balkhash in the southeaster part of the […]

The Dildabekov Prizes Youth Tournament will take place in Turkestan on June 21-26

The Dildabekov Prizes Youth Tournament will be a preparation competition in the city of Turkestan, Kazakhstan on June 21-26. Turkestan is one of the boxing cities in Kazakhstan which hosted several competitions in the previous year. The Dildabekov Prizes Youth Tournament is one of the last preparation events for the upcoming ASBC Asian Youth & […]

Chan Man Man and Alvin John Reyes were the stars of the Macau Open Boxing Championships

The Macau Open Boxing Championships took place in the busy city of Macau and it was the first competition in the country this year. Macau’s most experienced boxers such as Chan Man Man and Alvin John Reyes both earned their titles in the Open. The competition holds every year and it is the region’s top […]

The Totana International Boxing Training Camp for the elite, youth and junior boxers will be held in Spain on July 9-15

The Totana Training Camp will be an important international sparring and preparation opportunity for all boxers in the month of July. The training camp will start on July 9 and all of the boxers can make the preparation in the Murcia region in Spain until July 15. Mr. Samuel Storey is the organizer of the […]

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are the leaders of the World Ranking

Kazakhstan is the No.1 team in the updated and official IBA World Ranking based on the overall scores of all women and men elite boxers in the system. Following the Women’s World Boxing Championships and the Men’s World Boxing Championships, the IBA updated the World Rankings to be transparent in all details. Altogether 150 countries […]





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