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Thirteen countries are already on the board at the next 24th Aitenov Brothers Youth Tournament but the registrations are still open

The next 24th edition of the Aitenov Brothers Youth Tournament will be held for the 17 and 18-year-old talents in the city of Kostanay, North Kazakhstan between July 15 and 21. The Aitenov Brothers Youth Tournament is a strong men's youth international competition, which was named by Mr. Ural and Mr. Korgan Aitenov. European boxers are also p... More

The Turkmenistan Boxing Federation plans to host their Junior National Championships with a R&J Course

The Turkmenistan Boxing Federation hosted its Youth National Championships in March and they are planning to arrange their next in the month of July together with a Referee & Judge Course to develop their grassroots. The next edition of the Turkmenistan Junior National Championships is planning to be hosted in their capital city in Ashgabat ... More

The Indians are also training in Europe before the Paris Olympics

As many of the countries, India also sent their boxers to Europe to acclimatize to the local environment before the Paris Olympics. Six of the Indians have qualified for the Paris Olympics in boxing and the country is ready to win medals in the French capital. Their team competed in the 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Bangkok and at ... More

Thailand travelled to Europe to make the final preparations for the Paris Olympics

Thailand started their final preparations for the Olympic Games and the team travelled to Europe to make sparring and training sessions against top countries. Thailand selected not only their eight Olympians for these training camps but their future hopes as well. Thailand, the best boxing country in the Southeast Asian region, exceeded their ... More

Sri Lanka will send 6-strong team to the Constitution Day Tournament which will be held in Seychelles

Sri Lanka will send six boxers out of the country to increase their international experience and met against different styles of opponents. The Sri Lankans arranged a national trial competition before their international challenge in Seychelles. Their six-strong team will compete in Seychelles’ main event at the Constitution Day Tournament which ... More

Kazakhstan is aiming high in the Paris Olympics

Kazakhstan started not so good enough at the Asian Games in Hangzhou but due to their great run at the 1st and 2nd World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events, the Central Asian boxing power finally achieved ten quotas for the Paris Olympics. Kazakhstan separated from the Soviet Union in 1991 and their independent Kazakh Boxing Federation was established ... More

His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa watched the finals of the Bahrain National Championships live

The Bahrain Boxing Federation hosted its first ever National Championships for the elite and youth boxers with fantastic successes in the recent days. His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa met the boxers after the Royal Guard dual match and he is the main supporters of their boxing life. The Royal Family is part of Bahrain’s ... More

The ASBC management wishes Happy Eid Al Adha celebrations to the Boxing Family

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira of Thailand and the whole ASBC management wish Happy Eid Al Adha to all boxing officials, boxers, coaches, referees and judges, stakeholders, media members, affiliated National Federations and to the whole Asian Boxing Family. Eid Al Adha, which in Arabic literally means ... More

A 1-star Referee & Judge Course is underway in Tehran during their Memorial National Tournament

Iran’s next activity in their homeland, the 1-star Referee & Judge Course with all sessions is underway in Tehran. The theoretical training sessions are holding in Iran’s capital and the national competition also starts today with busy schedule. Following the Bahrain Boxing Federation hosted a 1-star Referee & Judge Course ... More

Bahrain National Boxing Championships – Photos

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