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ASBC experiences delivered the second success for Theena Thayalan in the Malaysian National Games

The Malaysian National Games was the most important competition of the Southeast Asian country in 2018 which saw six competition day and high number of bouts. Malaysia’s super talented welterweight (69kg) boxer Theena Thayalan Raja Selvan delivered the best performance in the Games and defended his throne. Perak was the host of the Malaysian ... More

Proud winners of the Philippine Batang Pinoy National Boxing Championships Ailene Kaye Caranagan and Flint Jara won their second national titles within the months of September

The Batang Pinoy National Championships was held in the Philippines which was their next activity for their younger age groups in boxing. Philippines' woman junior hope Ailene Kaye Caranagan and a junior boy Flint Jara both won two national events within the month of September and proved their talents. Northern Luzon's Baguio City hosted the competi... More

ASBC Asian Junior Champion Javlonbek Yuldashev wins in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships

The Uzbekistan Youth National Championships for the 17 and 18-year-old men boxers was held in Tashkent. The event was taking place short after the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships therefore some of their key boxers had to miss the national event. ASBC Asian Junior Champion Javlonbek Yuldashev performed world class and won his first youth national ... More

The AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships will be held in New Delhi in November 13-25

The upcoming AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships will be the highlight of the end of the year in the globe's boxing map. The tenth anniversary edition of the AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships will be held for the elite female boxers in New Delhi, India from November 13 until the 25th. The deadline for the registrations in the AIBA Database to ... More

The next AIBA 2-star Coach Course will be held in Rohtak in October 20-28

The Boxing Federation of India will be hosting an important AIBA 2-star Coach Course in the city of Rohtak between October 20 and 28. Boxing Federation of India is the organizer of the course and their management is responsible for the visa and entry requirements as well. Boxing Federation of India will be provided airport transfer to and from the ... More

Twenty boxers celebrated their titles in the Kabul City Boxing Championships

The Kabul City Boxing Championships was held in Afghanistan's capital city where high number of youth and elite boxers attended for the titles in the national level event. Meerwais Oqab, Rahmatullah Omid Maiwand, Ahmad Wasiq Azizi, Mabotullah Mashal, Kefayatullah Karmand and Karman Bagrami proved they are ready to compete in the international stage in ... More

19-year-old Lee Hee Seop was sensational in the South Korean National President’s Tournament

The South Korean National President's Tournament was held for the women and men boxers in the Gimhae Indoor Gymnasium which was a selection competition for the upcoming international events. South Korea's super talented 19-year-old Lee Hee Seop performed in the world class level again and won his weight class in Gimhae. South Korea's boxing life ... More

India won seven women medals including three titles in the Ahmet Cömert Tournament

The Ahmet Cömert Tournament is a prestigious competition in Turkey which was held in Istanbul in the recent days. Following the 12 Asian gold medals in the Silesian Open Women's Boxing Tournament the Indian women squad claimed three gold medals, two silver and two bronze medals in Istanbul. In spite of the fact the top Indian woman boxing team ... More

The Asian boxers achieved 12 gold medals in the traditional Silesian Open Women’s Tournament where legend Mary Kom became a star

The thirteenth edition of the Silesian Open Women's Boxing Tournament was finished in a small Polish town in Gliwice where all of the finals are held and these contests delivered strong Asian successes. Following the first six Asian titles in the opening day of the finals, the youth and elite boxers increased the number of our continent's titles up to ... More

India’s strong female junior boxers claimed six gold medals in the Silesian Open Women’s Tournament

The thirteenth edition of the Silesian Open Women's Boxing Tournament is holding in a Polish town in Gliwice where the first part of the finals delivered strong Asian successes. The Indian junior boxers claimed six titles in the Nations Junior Cup in Serbia and their young talents repeated that performance and achieved half dozen gold medals in the ... More