Zeeshan, Kashif and Zubair Khan won the important youth categories in the regional event in Karachi

The Sindh Sports Board hosted a junior and youth competition in the busy city of Karachi during the Pakistan Day. There were female and male contests in the regional event where altogether twelve champions have been crowned after the finals. Mohammed Zeeshan, Mohammed Kashif and Zubair Khan are experienced youth boxers who won their weight categories in Karachi.

The regional event was held in the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Boxing Arena in Karachi where 60 boxers from 12 clubs attended in the competition. The junior and youth tournament was inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of BBSUL and Registrar of the University Lt. Colonel Rtd. Abid Hussain to keep the talents in the program.

Former Asian Games winner and Olympian boxer Mr. Lassi Meharullah, and several former international stars of Pakistan such as Nadir Baloch, Arshad Hussain, Abid Hussain, Adnan Baloch, Mohammed Ali and Sajid Raja all followed the event. The Chief Guest of the finals of the regional event was Dr. Siddique Patni who distributed the awards of the title contests and presented the medals.

The junior girls could attend in two weight categories in the Sindh Sports Tournament in Karachi, the finals of the light flyweight (48kg) and flyweight (50kg) were both excited. Junaid Tiger was the first winner among the junior boys who defeated Musaddik in the final of the pinweight (46kg). Muhammad Khalid was too strong for Umar in the second final of the competition before Ismail Babul defeated Hassan Ali in the third title contest.

Hassan Khan and Abdul Hadi were the further winners in the junior part of the regional competition in Karachi. The region’s best male youth boxers such as Mohammed Zeeshan (49kg), Mohammed Kashif (56kg) and Zubair Khan (64kg) defeated their rivals as Sameer Ali, Mohammed Ali and Faras for the titles.

List of the winners in the Sindh Sports Tournament
Junior girls 48kg: Maria
Junior girls 50kg: M. Sahar
Junior boys 46kg: Junaid Tiger
Junior boys 48kg: Muhammad Khalid
Junior boys 50kg: Ismail Babul
Junior boys 52kg: Hassan Khan
Junior boys 54kg: Abdul Hadi
Youth boys 49kg: Mohammed Zeeshan
Youth boys 52kg: M. Sufiyan
Youth boys 56kg: Mohammed Kashif
Youth boys 60kg: A. Abdullah
Youth boys 64kg: Zubair Khan

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