Mr. Jahangir Riaz supports the work of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission with a huge quantity of equipment which goes directly to the boxers

The Director of the Green Hill company Mr. Jahangir Riaz attended in the first meeting of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission as many of the Asian officials and staff members. He invested 150,000 US dollars to support the affiliated National Federations of the Asian Boxing Confederation with equipments.

These equipments contains boxing gloves, bandages, headgears, heavy bags, mouth guard, and all of the necessary training items for a better preparation which will be going directly to the boxers to support their preparation to the international events. Many of the National Federations requested the ASBC Head office for support and filled the official registration forms in time.

Mr. Jahangir Riaz was involved to boxing three decades ago and his company supplied such top events as AIBA World Boxing Championships, Asian Boxing Championships and Asian Games besides to other international tournaments.

Mr. Jahangir Riaz returned to the boxing events in 2019 when he attended at the Bangkok ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. He was impressed in Thailand’s capital how things were increased in boxing especially the professionalism, marketing, environment, the attitude of the participants during his 10 years of absence from the international stage.

ASBC Fund & Development Commission formed in December 2020 and started its job with its first meeting which took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in the recent days. The official and businessman decided to support the work and efforts of the management of the Asian Boxing Confederation in terms to develop the sport. Mr. Jahangir Riaz followed the contests at the Tashkent Fight Night in Uzbekistan before the Commission meeting and attended in the negotiations. The funding resources of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission are the ASBC revenues, the direct funding and the sponsorship. The Director of the Green Hill company Mr. Jahangir Riaz provided huge amount of equipments and their management shipped all of the boxing items already.

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