Umidullo Abdurasulov and Daler Bozorov won their second titles in the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships

Eighteen champions have been crowned in the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Boxing Championships which was held in the city of Termez in the Surkhondarya region of the country. Andizhan’s Umidullo Abdurasulov and Bukhara’s Daler Bozorov were the two boxers who could defend their last year’s titles in Termez.
Boxers who were born in 2005 or in 2006 were eligible to attend in the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships. The event was one of the main preparation competitions before the start of the first ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships which will be held in Kuwait City this August.
Nearly 500 boxers attended in the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships in the city of Termez setting up new records in this age group. Uzbekistan has got high number of boxers and following the success of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games it is still increasing. Uzbekistan Boxing Federation hosted regional selection tournaments before the Schoolboys National Championships.
The first gold medal in the whole event was achieved by Samarkand’s Bakhtiyor Yakhsybayev who triumphed over Bukhara’s Boburjon Muminov in the lowest 34kg weight class. The second title was taken by Ferghana’s Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov who defeated a local boxer from Termez Ashraf Ismoilov in the final of the 36kg weight class.
Khodzhiakbar Makhmudov also trains in Ferghana as Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov and captured the second gold medal for the city following his success over Andizhan’s Azizbek Ergashov. The gold medal of the 40kg weight class was taken by Tashkent’s Farrukh Tulaganov who stopped Ferghana’s Ulugbek Khamidov in the final.
Surkhondarya’s Jamoliddin Khalikov took bronze medal in the last 2018 edition of the event but he moved up three weight classes and returned even stronger to beat Namangan’s Ozod Sharofiddinov in the final of the event. Andizhan’s Umidullo Abdurasulov was gold medallist in the 2018 edition of the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships at the 42kg weight class and repeated that title after his success over Bukhara’s Asadbek Radzhabov.
Khorezm’s Boburbek Bobodjonov had tough final against Tashkent’s Khusniddin Maraimov but he was able to manage his win in Termez. Tashkent’s Jafarbek Shakhbozov was too smart for Khorezm’s Utkirbek Shomurotov and won the gold medal of the 48kg weight class. Syrdarya’s Lazizbek Tulkinov has got strong family connections to boxing and defeated Bukhara’s Nodirbek Khalimov claiming his first national title.
Bukhara’s Daler Bozorov won the title at the 2018 Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships at the 46kg and defended his throne in Termez after beating Khorezm’s Ulugbek Bakhodirov. Tashkent’s Asliddin Boboyev changed his last year’s bronze medal into gold in the new edition following his success over Nukus boxer Nursultan Duysenbayev who is Karakalpakstan’s top schoolboy talent.
Surkhondarya’s Jakhongir Narziyev had strong performance against Andizhan’s Sardorbek Tursunov and won the title of the 57kg in Termez. Andizhan has got strong boxing schools and one of their new heroes in the future could be Abdulaziz Abdurakhmonov who defeated Navoy’s Mizrob Nekboyev in the next final of the Nationals.
Khorezm’s Shavkatjon Boltayev achieved bronze medal in the 2018 edition of the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships and moved up two categories since that event but technically he was better than Ferghana’s Boborakhim Dekhkonov. Khorezm’s two boxers advanced to the final of the welterweight (66kg) which was won by Boburbek Karimberganov over Bekzod Turayev. Tashkent region’s Shakhboz Khamidullayev impressed in the next title bout against Karakalpakstan’s Temur Batirbayev.
The third finalist boxer from Karakalpakstan last year’s bronze medallist Aynazar Kenesbayev succeeded and bagged the title in Termez following his success over Tashkent region’s Azizbek Daulbayev. The last gold medal of the whole Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships was taken by Tashkent’s Husanboy Riksiboyev after beating Karakalpakstan’s Uktam Matrizayev in the final of the heavyweight (+75kg).

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships
34kg: Bakhtiyor Yakhsybayev
36kg: Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov
38kg: Khodzhiakbar Makhmudov
40kg: Farrukh Tulaganov
42kg: Jamoliddin Khalikov
44kg: Umidullo Abdurasulov
46kg: Boburbek Bobodjonov
48kg: Jafarbek Shakhbozov
50kg: Lazizbek Tulkinov
52kg: Daler Bozorov
54kg: Asliddin Boboyev
57kg: Jakhongir Narziyev
60kg: Abdulaziz Abdurakhmonov
63kg: Shavkatjon Boltayev
66kg: Boburbek Karimberganov
70kg: Shakhboz Khamidullayev
75kg: Aynazar Kenesbayev
+75kg: Husanboy Riksiboyev

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