The Uzbek boxing team trains in Yangiabad

Uzbekistan’s boxing team moved to a mountainous training camp to Yangiabad in order to prepare to the upcoming main events as the Strandja Memorial Tournament which will feature in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Uzbek men’s elite team contains several ASBC Asian Champions, medallists from big events such as the AIBA Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships and CISM Military World Boxing Championships.

The team is with the coaches of the Uzbek national team as Mr. Rakhmatjon Ruziakhunov, Mr. Farrukh Kilichev, Mr. Tulkin Kilichev and several other supporters. Yangiabad is famous of its location, peaceful environment, mountainous area and its fantastic boxing training camp where several other countries also prepared in the recent years. Following the physical preparations, the team is

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games winner Hasanboy Dusmatov is also in the training camp who returned to the elite national team at the AIBA Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. He is also two-times ASBC Asian Champion and registered to attend at the flyweight (51kg) in the upcoming Strandja Memorial Tournament.

Strong Asian teams will attend at the upcoming Strandja Memorial Tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria which is one of the most exciting competitions in the world. The Bulgarian event saw several big champions in the recent decades and powerful Asian boxers registered to attend in the new edition of the Strandja Memorial Tournament. The upcoming Strandja Memorial Tournament will be the first from the World Boxing Tour’s Golden Gloves Series in February 18-28.

The Strandja Memorial is Europe’s oldest international boxing tournament and has a strong brand name therefore high number of stars are expecting to attend in the money prize event. IBA will arrange the money prizes and boxers can earn new world ranking points in the 73rd Strandja Memorial Tournament. Uzbekistan selected 26 boxers to the new edition of the Strandja Memorial Tournament, their top line-ups with many young talents on the board. Medallists from the last AIBA World Boxing Championships as Abdumalik Khalakov and Madiyar Saidrakhimov, and defending ASBC Asian Champion Saidjamshid Jafarov have also registered to attend.

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