The Nisar siblings Nimra and Mehnoor could be Pakistan’s international women boxers in the near future

Pakistan’s woman boxing life is in developing stage since the country has joined to the international events in the 2016 South Asian Games and the country launched their Women’s National Boxing Championships in the recent years. Their Nisar siblings Nimra and Mehnoor both began boxing only two years ago but the young girls could be Pakistan’s future international female boxers.

Karachi-based Nimra Nisar started her training sessions in 2018 and she had already 12 fights in Pakistan. She is 22-year-old now and she is aiming to participate at the next South Asian Games which will be held in Lahore, Pakistan and also at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Her younger sister Mahnoor Nisar was second in the women’s junior level at the Pakistan Open Shadowboxing & Fitness Tournament this summer as one of the youngest competitors in the challenge. The 12-year-old talent has strong plans in boxing and in spite of her young age she had already six official bouts in Pakistan. Both girls are trained by their father Ahmed Nisar in Karachi every day.

More than 450 female and male participants sent their videos to the Pakistan Boxing Federation in the recent weeks and attended in the competition. All of the age groups from the young kids up to the elites have been covered during the project of the Pakistan Open Shadowboxing & Fitness Tournament. The interest of their women boxers from the junior level up to the elite age group was significant which showed their development.

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