The India Shadowboxing Challenge recognized thousands of participants, covered 97 cities in India and 30 countries

The India Shadowboxing Challenge finished on June 15 and the project reached thousands of participants not only in all regions of the country but many more around the globe. The India Shadowboxing Challenge was a great impact in the recent weeks which inspired boxers in various age groups from small children up to stalwarts.

The management of the India Shadowboxing Challenge or shortly known as ISBC2020 received more than two-thousand videos. The number of the women participants is 422 while 2051 men sent their shadowboxing videos to the organizers among them 79 arrived from overseas. Altogether the ISBC2020 project covered 97 Indian cities from all regions and 30 different countries worldwide.

The India Shadowboxing Challenge motivated the youngest generations, current boxers in the national teams, former heroes and veterans. India’s most experienced boxing official Mr. Kishen Narsi has been serving the world’s boxing life since the 1950s but he has also done his shadowboxing video to inspire his nation. ISBC2020 proved that boxing is alive in spite of the hard circumstances which affect the whole globe. The Indian and several other medias covered the project with hundreds of news and articles.

The new campaign the ISBC2020 started on May 21 in India and planned to be finished on May 31 but due to the high number of interests the deadline was changed on June 1. The deadline of the India Shadowboxing Challenge was extended until June 15 and the participants had more time to arrange their short videos.

The India Shadowboxing Challenge followed the European Boxing Confederation’s project to inspire its boxing community and families in all states of the country. The ISBC2020 program had several categories based on the ages of the participants: stalwarts over 80 years-old participants, veterans, marshals, captains, seniors, elites, youth, juniors, sub-juniors, cadets, cubs and J-class under 9 years.

All of the competitors could produce 30-seconds of videos in which they could combine all kind of their techniques and different style of punches during this Indian Shadowboxing Challenge. The winners of the various age groups will be decided by a jury after the deadline of the Indian Shadowboxing Challenge. There are several categories based on the ages of the participants of the Indian Shadowboxing Challenge as below.

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