The first unique Afghanistan Refugee Boxing Championships will be held in middle of June

Afghanistan Boxing Federation’s new campaign will be held in the middle of June and their new competition will be a unique one in Kabul. The developing boxing country will be holding their first ever Afghanistan Refugee Boxing Championships for the elite male boxers in the capital city.
The Afghanistan National Elite Boxing Championships was held in their capital city in Kabul where nearly 200 boxers attended for the ten titles. The Afghanistan Refugee Boxing Championships is scheduled to take place in eight categories: 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 69kg, 75kg, 81kg, 91kg and +91kg.
Afghanistan Boxing Federation was invited many of their boxers who were born in the country but due the war they left Kabul and other cities to start a new life especially in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other nations. Afghanistan Boxing Federation is expecting more than 50 boxers to attend in the Refugee Boxing Championships in a special 4-day long event which will be starting from June 15.
Kabul hosted most of the Afghan national events in the recent years and it is the capital of their boxing life where more than 100 clubs exist. Afghanistan Boxing Federation held NSB Course for their coaches, officials this year besides to national events. Their President Mr. Abdullah Sattari together with their key person Mr. Waheedullah Hameedi are working hard to develop our sport in Afghanistan.

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