Modern Kuwait City will be welcoming all teams in the historical ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships

The historical first edition of the ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships will be held in Kuwait City and the country will be introduced to all affiliated members of the Asian Boxing Confederation. The Kuwait Boxing Federation and the Asian Boxing Confederation are welcoming all teams in the global city which has a unique life.
Kuwait City is the capital and the largest city of Kuwait and located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf on Kuwait Bay. It is the centre of all important Kuwaiti corporations, banks, their international airport, governmental offices and headquarters. The population of its all urban areas is 2.4 million in our present days.
Kuwait was founded in 1613 and in that century it was known as fishing village which turned to a commercial center for the transit of goods to India, Baghdad and Muscat in the 18th century. Kuwait experienced its golden era in the second part of the 20th century which prosperity driven by oil and its liberal atmosphere.
Kuwait City has a hot desert climate and during the period of the ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships all teams can expect warm weather but all hotel rooms, the venue, the transportation vehicles are equipped with air conditions.
Kuwait has a very unique culture which is combined traditions with the new modern global elements and every attending team can expect friendly welcome, hospitality and professional organization during the ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships.
The teams can arrive to the Kuwait International Airport which is one of the most modern one in the whole globe and there are connections to many Asian capitals and cities. Kuwait City is famous of its high standard economy, shopping centers, the Seif Palace, the Kuwait Towers and many other sightseeing and attractions.
Kuwait’s most popular sports are the football as everywhere in the world and the basketball among the team sports but boxing is also growing in the country. Kuwait Boxing Federation re-joined to the boxing map a few months ago following their suspension and attended in the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships with a new team last month. Kuwait had strong results in boxing mainly in the ’80s and their new management is ready to move the country’s boxing life into the next stage.

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