Imanidinov and Syrtbayev defended their thrones in the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games

The Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games was held in the city of Dzhalal-Abad which is located in the Southwestern part of the country near to the Uzbek border. The heroes of the last edition as Islam Imanidinov, Vadim Baurin and Zhanbolot Syrtbayev dominated their weight classes in Dzhalal-Abad.
Kelechek is official Kyrgyz name of their National Games which is a traditional competition in the Central Asian boxing power. Boxers who were born in 2005 and in 2006 were eligible to attend in the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games.
Altogether 140 young talents competed for the 18 available titles from the 32kg up to the +70kg in the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games. The capital city of Bishkek, Issyk-Kul region and Chui region each sent 18 boxers to the Games to increase the experiences of their youngest age group.
Chui region topped the team rankings in the Games ahead of the teams of Bishkek, Issyk-Kul region, Dzhalal-Abad region and the city of Osh. Dzhalal-Abad hosted many other Kyrgyz national events in the recent years and their squad is among the bests in the country.
The first ever ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships will be held in Kuwait City on August 1-9 and the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games was one of their main selection tournaments to the continental event.
Dzhalal-Abad region’s first gold medal was taken by Dzhalal-Abed region’s Bekzat Ergeshov at the 32kg weight class which was the opening final of the whole Games. The 14-year-old talent had a tough semi-final against Odilzhon Yunusov but after that narrow success he controlled the final over Adilet Kachkynbekov well enough.
Bishkek’s Emir Kylychbekov delivered one of the main sensations of the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Games when he defeated defending champion Ruslan Ernest Uulu in the final of the 34kg weight class. Chui region’s Temirkhan Daniyarov reached his career highlight with his gold medal in Dzhalal-Abad where he was too strong for his opponents.
Naryn region’s first title in the Games was achieved by Azamat Zhanybek Uulu who triumphed over Akbar Murchilayev in the final of the 38kg. Osh-based Abdulaziz Burkushev and Dzhalal-Abad region’s Denizbek Kubanychbekov claimed the titles of the 40kg and 42kg weight classes. The next winner Almaz Orozbekov of Chui region has got strong roots in his family to our combat sport and following his elder brothers he has been also practicing boxing.
Islam Imanidinov defeated Kyrgyzstan’s top boxer Bekzoo Zhekshenov and claimed gold medal in the last edition of the Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Championships one year ago at the 42kg becoming the Best Technician Boxer. The Bishkek-based boxer is still in the schoolboy level who returned to the national event and defeated his main rivals as Vladimir An and Zakir Lyalyaza at the 48kg.
Issyk-Kul region’s Vadim Baurin is one of the most experienced Kyrgyz schoolboy boxers who attended in the previous national tournaments. The 2018 silver medallist boxer moved from the 48kg up to the 57kg but he managed to beat his final opponent Beksultan Kimsanov winning the bout by split decision.
Another Issyk-Kul region’s talent Zhanbolot Syrtbayev claimed gold medal in the 2018 Kyrgyz Schoolboys National Championships and he defended his throne in Dzhalal-Abad as well winning the 63kg against Chui region’s Elzat Satarkulov. The referee stopped their unequal final in the second round and confirmed Syrtbayev’s success.

List of the winners in the Kyrgyzstan Schoolboys National Games
32kg: Bekzat Ergeshov
34kg: Emir Kylychbekov
36kg: Temirkhan Daniyarov
38kg: Azamat Zhanybek Uulu
40kg: Abdulaziz Burkushev
42kg: Denizbek Kubanychbekov
44kg: Almaz Orozbekov
46kg: Beksultan Baktybekov
48kg: Islam Imanidinov
50kg: Amankeldi Maksutov
52kg: Mukhammad Zakirov
54kg: Erlan Tolchubekov
57kg: Vadim Baurin
60kg: Bayel Samidin Uulu
63kg: Zhanbolot Syrtbayev
66kg: Kurmanbek Anarbekov
70kg: Atay Asanbekov
+70kg: Zhoodarbek Saparbekov

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