Batyrkhan Seytenov defended his throne in the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships which was a preparation before the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Championships

Following the Kazakhstan Women’s National Spartakyad their Schoolboys National Boxing Championships was held in Atbasar which is a small town in the Akmola region of the Northern Kazakhstan. Batyrkhan Seytenov was the lone boxer who could defend his throne but many of their possible future stars started their career with gold medal in Atbasar.
The competition was a selection event for the international events including the first edition of the ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The upcoming and historical first ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships will be held in Kuwait City on August 1-9.
The venue of the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships was the Olymp Sports Complex in Atbasar. Boxers who were born in 2005 and in 2006 were eligible to attend in the Schoolboys National Boxing Championships. The Schoolboys National Championships was streamed live in the website of the Kazakhstan Boxing Federation.
In spite of the fact these boxers are new in the competitions all of them have got experiences from previous regional and smaller events. Altogether 170 boxers attended in the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships in Atbasar and only the bests from the regions fought in the competitions.
The first gold medal of the Nationals was achieved by Almaty region’s Askar Kanatuly who defeated Kyzyl-Orda region’s Yerkhan Ontalapov at the 30kg. Another Almaty region’s boxer Saken Yembergen won the second title of the Schoolboys National Championships following his impressive performance against Rinat Maksutov in the final.
A local boxer Akmola region’s Pavel Tokarev won the 34kg following his success over Karagandy region’s Nurislam Beken. Another Karagandy region’s boxer had better luck in the final and Amir Baylakov celebrated his title against Shymkent’s Bek Zholdasbek in the gold medal contest of the 36kg.
Following Oner Seyilkhan’s success at the 38kg Dzhambul region’s Polad Aliyev amazed the local crowd with his success over Nurislam Kaldybayev at the 40kg division. Turkestan region’s Bakhtiyar Anarbayev claimed silver medal at the 34kg weight class in the 2018 edition and moved up to the 42kg within one year. Anarbayev impressed in the final this time and bowed out Adaybek Niyazbay of Mangystau region for the title.
Turkestan region’s first gold medal was captured by Meirambek Zhambek who had tough fight for the title against Shymkent’s Zhasulan Tileumbek at the 44kg. Turkestan’s second title was taken by 14-year-old Yersultan Tolegen at the 50kg weight class where he defeated Aktobe’s Kuanysh Auezkhanov.
Almaty region’s Zhasulan Abdolla’s brother is also a boxer but this time the younger hope also won an important title at the Schoolboys National Championships after beating Karagandy region’s Madiyar Taipakov. Akmola region’s second success was achieved by Viktor Litvinov who had a tough final against Nursultan’s Myrzakhan Maulenov.
Batyrkhan Seytenov won the gold medal at the 58kg in the 2018 Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships and claimed his second title in Atbasar where he was too strong for Mangystau region’s Azamat Nigmetov in the final of the 66kg. Nursultan’s lone title was earned by Arsen Zhalmukhanbet while Yerdos Sharipbek won the last title of the Schoolboys National Championships.

List of the winners in the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships
30kg: Askar Kanatuly
32kg: Saken Yembergen
34kg: Pavel Tokarev
36kg: Amir Baylakov
38kg: Oner Seyilkhan
40kg: Polad Aliyev
42kg: Bakhtiyar Anarbayev
44kg: Meirambek Zhambek
46kg: Yerbulat Kuatuly
48kg: Olzhas Mutan
50kg: Yersultan Tolegen
52kg: Alzhan Sagatov
54kg: Zhasulan Abdolla
56kg: Viktor Litvinov
58kg: Shyngys Meden
60kg: Madiyar Aydosuly
63kg: Zhandos Yersultanov
66kg: Batyrkhan Seytenov
70kg: Arsen Zhalmukhanbet
+70kg: Yerdos Sharipbek

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