The Best Woman R&J in Dubai: Veronika Szucs – I kept my full focus and concentration in all of the competition days to give fair play for all of the boxers

Hungary’s Veronika Szucs was named as the Best Woman Referee of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai following the tenth competition day and ranked also No.1 at the overall R&J Ranking. She won gold medal in the first edition of the Hungarian Women’s National Boxing Championships still in the 1990s and following her active career, she has done all of the possible examinations as Referee & Judge.

The experienced Referee & Judge worked at the London 2012 Olympic Games and several other big events including AIBA, EUBC and ASBC Championships. Veronika Szucs worked also at the Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships as one of her previous appearance in the Asian events.

“At the very first time in the history of the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships, two age groups competed together in the same venue. Boxers who were born in 2003 and in 2004 could attend in the youth competition, while the youngers from the 2005 and 2006 age groups fought for the medals in the junior part of the event. Altogether 293 boxers from 15 nations attended in Dubai and I am proud of that I could part of it.

I worked in several previous Asian Boxing Championships as neutral referee and judge and I was happy to approve the invitation to the event. I received the Best R&J Award of the competition which is an amazing success for me and thanks for the officials and decision makers to get it.

We had ten competition days in Dubai and we finished several times very late therefore I had to keep my concentration for long term in this event. I worked as neutral European referee therefore I had to work as referee several times every day. I believe we had tough job in this event especially in the semi-finals and in the finals as we had many tight bouts in the championships.

The Evaluators analysed our job after each bout therefore I had to keep my level on the top to avoid any mistakes in the championships. I followed the ethical codex of the competition, tried to avoid any contacts with others to work fairly as in all of my events.

I saw several world class contests in Dubai where Uzbekistan, India, and Kazakhstan dominated the women’s part of the championships. Besides to these top nations, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Iran, Iraq and Mongolia also had tough boxers among the male talents. It is great to see these high number of impressive talents and might be I officiated to one of the future Olympic Champions in Dubai,” said Hungary’s Veronika Szucs after the championships.

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