Mrs. Marina Ni – I believe the participating nations can proud of their boxers at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

The ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships was the second main event in the continent this year and it made all of the boxers and officials busy in Dubai. Mrs. Marina Ni of Kazakhstan worked as Technical Delegate of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and led the team of ITOs and Referees & Judges.

The experienced official worked as Technical Delegate at the suspended European Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event and several other competitions. She organized also major events in Kazakhstan in the recent more than one decade and has got the experience in all levels of boxing. Mrs. Marina Ni explained the key points of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and underlined the historical moments of the event.

“For me it was very easy to reach Dubai as we have direct flights from Kazakhstan and as Kazakh passport holder does not need visa to the United Arab Emirates.

The Opening Ceremony of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships was amazing with its show elements and wonderful lights. The hotel amenities were perfect with big and light rooms, several restaurants, equipped conference rooms, extraordinary gym and swimming pool.

The atmosphere of the event was very exciting and I am sure all of the teams enjoyed their participation in Dubai. Great thanks to the National Federations the number of participants was quite high considering the pandemic. Fifteen nations arrived with 293 boxers to Dubai and many of the bouts were very strong, clearly elite level.

I believe the participating National Federations can proud of their boxers and everything had been very well organized. The local organizers supported me, they were strong therefore my job was easy.

All of the ITOs were experienced professionals and we worked as a team with respect and trust. We could see the improvement of the Referees & Judges day by day as many of them could not officiate in the previous period due to the Covid-19 situation.

The level of this ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships was similar like a World Boxing Championships with many big talents on the board. I am sure all of the boxers did their very best in Dubai and hope to see them in the elite level soon.

I was very proud of that to see some of the Arabic countries especially Iraq and the United Arab Emirates participating with female boxers in this level at the first time. I know that how hard is that for the Arabic boxers and countries. I am happy that Iran won a gold medal, furthermore Bahrain and Nepal earned their first ever medals.

Great thanks to ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba, the ASBC management and the ASBC team for their great work and unforgettable moments,” said Kazakhstan’s Mrs. Marina Ni who officiated the event as Technical Delegate.

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