Satzhanov, Patiyev, Ruziboyev and Aliyev were the promising stars of the Suleymenov Junior Tournament

The 7th edition of the Tuleutay Suleymenov Junior Tournament was held in the city of Ayagoz in Kazakhstan in the recent days. Kazakhstan’s Bauyrzhan Satzhanov, Uzbekistan’s Shokhrukh Ruziboyev, Kazakhstan’s Abdulla Patiyev and Kyrgyzstan’s Khalid Aliyev are all strong future hopes in our sport and bagged gold medals in the Tuleutay Suleymenov Junior Tournament in Ayagoz.
Ayagoz is not a well-know city in Kazakhstan which is located in the Eastern region of the huge country. Altogether 198 young teenage talents attended in the Suleymenov Junior Tournament in Ayagoz. Boxers who were born in 2003 and in 2004 were eligible to take part in the Suleymenov Junior Tournament which age group is the 2019 junior category.
Kyrgyzstan’s Begzo Zhekshenov of Naryn region attended in the 2017 edition of the Murataliev Junior Memorial Tournament and he claimed bronze medal in their Schoolboys National Championships a few months ago. Zhekshenov was not the favourite of the 44kg weight class but he defeated Tajikistan’s Iskandarbek Rustamov in the final of the event.
Uzbekistan’s Schoolboys National Champion Shokhrukh Ruziboyev moved up from the 44kg up to the pinweight (46kg) in the recent months and his change paid off in the Suleymenov Junior Tournament. Ruziboyev claimed silver medal in the Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Junior Memorial Tournament in Balkhash three months ago. The 15-year-old Uzbek boxer, who trains in the Tashkent region, returned to Kazakhstan and defeated Astana’s Yerassyl Sembekov in the final.
Kazakhstan’s Junior National Championships silver medallist and Galib Dzhafarov Prizes Junior Tournament winner Abdulla Patiyev moved up two categories and now he is competing at the light flyweight (48kg). The 15-year-old talent was too strong for all of his opponents including Astana’s Zhalgas Nurzhan.
Nations Junior Cup bronze medallist Bauyrzhan Satzhanov, who trains with coach Miras Bairkhanov, advanced to the final of the featherweight (57kg) where his rival was one of the best boxers of the event Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup winner and Kazakh Junior National Champion Abzal Serik. In spite of the previous chances Satzhanov impressed and defeated his experienced rival by split decision in the final of the Suleymenov Junior Tournament.
Following Zhaksylyk Basarov’s success at the lightweight (60kg), Galib Dzhafarov Prizes Junior Tournament winner Adilzhan Zhandarbek shined in the event. He received the right to compete at the Nations Junior Cup in Serbia two months ago which was his first ever international competition out of Kazakhstan. The Turkestan region’s boxer defeated Almaty’s Almir Torebay in the final of the light welterweight (63kg) in Ayagoz.
Kyrgyzstan’s second gold medal was achieved by their Junior & Schoolboys National Champion Khalid Aliyev who attended in the Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup in Azerbaijan a few months ago. The 15-year-old Aliyev, who trains in the Chui region, controlled all of his fights in the Suleymenov Junior Tournament and he was too strong for Kazakhstan’s Rakhat Kazhymuratov in the final of the light heavyweight (80kg).
Ilyas Kadyrov lost his first bout in the Kazakh Junior National Championships but he showed impressive development following his hard work at the heavyweight (+80kg) of the Suleymenov Junior Tournament. The East Kazakhstan region’s boxer won all of his three bouts by large margin of differences including his final over Astana’s Nurasyl Ryszhanov.

List of the winners in the Suleymenov Junior Tournament
42kg: Zhandos Zhumabayev, Kazakhstan, 2003
44kg: Begzo Zhekshenov, Kyrgyzstan, 2004
46kg: Shokhrukh Ruziboyev, Uzbekistan, 2003
48kg: Abdulla Patiyev, Kazakhstan, 2003
50kg: Ruslan Kuzebayev, Kazakhstan, 2003
52kg: Ilgar Sadakhov, Kazakhstan, 2003
54kg: Didar Bolatbekov, Kazakhstan, 2003
57kg: Bauyrzhan Satzhanov, Kazakhstan, 2003
60kg: Zhaksylyk Basarov, Kazakhstan, 2003
63kg: Adilzhan Zhandarbek, Kazakhstan, 2003
66kg: Rakhimzhan Shanzharkhan, Kazakhstan, 2003
70kg: Ayan Sabyrzhanov, Kazakhstan, 2003
75kg: Nurdos Kuanyshuly, Kazakhstan, 2003
80kg: Khalid Aliyev, Kyrgyzstan, 2003
+80kg: Ilyas Kadyrov, Kazakhstan, 2003

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