Pourya Esmaeili Godarzi was able to defend his throne at the Iranian Youth National Championships

The Iranian Youth National Championships was held in the city of Khorramabad in the Lorestan province. Thirteen boxers bagged their titles in the national event including previous ASBC Championships competitors but only Pourya Esmaeili Godarzi was able to defend his throne in Khorramabad.

Altogether 224 boxers from 32 teams competed for the medals in the Iranian Youth National Championships which was a higher figure than in the previous editions. The Lorestan region, Khuzestan, the city of Tehran, Mazandaran and Gilan were the best teams in the Youth National Championships.

Their best youth boxers all competed in the event and the National Championships was one of their main selection competitions for the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships, which will be held in Astana in July. The Iranians earned a few medals in the recent editions of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and they have the same goal in the next edition.

Lorestan’s Mehdi Shabani earned the first gold medal of the Youth National Championships, he defeated Mahyad Samadpour at the minimumweight (48kg). Mehdi Kazemi competed at the 2022 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Amman where he reached the quarter-finals. Kazemi joined the youth age group this January and he had the routine to beat all of his four rivals in Khorramabad.

Lorestan’s Hamid Amirzadeh had to win five contests at the lightweight (60kg) to take the title of the crowded division. Seyed Aliakbar Mir Ahmadi was bronze medallist at the 2022 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and the 17-year-old boxer had the skills to beat Pouya Khodadadi in the final of the light welterweight (63.5kg).

Abolfazl Shabani earned a silver medal at the welterweight (67kg) in the 2022 Iranian Youth National Championships which he switched into gold in the new edition. The Tehran-based boxer moved up to the light middleweight (71kg) and he impressed in the final against Khuzestan’s Omadi Agha Jari.

Pourya Esmaeili Godarzi was the titleholder of the cruiserweight (86kg) from the last 2022 Iranian Youth National Championships and he repeated that performance in Khorramabad. Amir Esmaeili Vandaei had international experiences from the 2022 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and those supported his success at the super heavyweight (+92kg).

The list of the winners at the 2023 Iranian Youth National Championships

 48kg: Mehdi Shabani

 51kg: Mehdi Kazemi

 54kg: Abolfazl Sabouri

 57kg: Reza Fazli

 60kg: Hamed Amirzadeh

 63.5kg: Seyed Aliakbar Mir Ahmadi

 67kg: Arshiya Omidi Far

 71kg: Abolfazl Shabani

 75kg: Mehdi Dalvand

 80kg: Amirreza Malek Khataei

 86kg: Pourya Esmaeili Godarzi

 92kg: Masih Abedi

 +92kg: Amir Esmaeili Vandaei

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