Kyrgyzstan won twelve titles at the 1st Abdukadyrov Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Memorial Tournament

The Murat Abdukadyrov Schoolgirls & Schoolboys Memorial Tournament was a five-day long international competition in Dzhalal-Abad, Kyrgyzstan. The host country earned twelve titles while the Uzbeks bagged five gold medals in this international event.

Kyrgyzstan arranged a few competitions for the schoolgirls and schoolboys in 2023 and their team has been preparing for the upcoming ASBC Asian Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Boxing Championships. The boxers from the 2009 and 2010 age groups were allowed to compete in the Abdukadyrov Memorial Tournament in Dzhalal-Abad.

Ten girls and 191 schoolboys competed in the first edition of the Murat Abdukadyrov Memorial Tournament where fifteen referees & judges, furthermore two officials worked. The number of the weight classes were seventeen in the event.

The schoolgirl talents could box in three different weight categories and two of the winners were from the city of Dzhalal-Abad: Aydana Uraimova (42kg) and Symbat Uraimzhanova (52kg). The silver medallist from the Nationals, Akmaral Amantayeva from the town of Toktogul was the third female winner at the Abdukadyrov Memorial Tournament.

Uzbekistan’s Murtazo Mashrabjanov defeated a Kyrgyz boxer, Imran Akmatzhanov and won the first male title in the event. Abdugani Erkinjonov earned the second Uzbek title in Dzhalal-Abad where he won all of his four contests by RSC including the final against Ariyet Sanzharbekov of Kyrgyzstan. Abdulatif Ibrokhimjonov (43kg), Abubakr Sayibjanov (49kg) and Javokhir Sokidinov (61kg) were the further Uzbek winners in the event.

Abdurauf Abdullazhanov lives in the Dzhalal-Abad district and he felt the support of the crowd when he defeated Zhoodar Rustambekov at the 37kg final. Adilet Oskonov made the next fantastic performance in the competition, he won all of his for contests by RSC and his strength was also decisive in the final against Azim Yanlodayev.

Kyrgyzstan’s Alim Pansher came from a small town, Aleksandrovka but he proved his talent once again this year and he earned the title against his final opponent, Saidzhan Kamilzhanov. Dzhalal-Abad’s Erbol Abdyrazakov secured and kept the title on home soil after beating Arsen Shabdanbekov in the final of the 58kg weight class. Temirlan Kalimurza Uulu was also too strong for his opponents in this event and he won the heaviest weight class.

The list of the winners at the 2023 Abdukadyrov Schoolboys Memorial Tournament

 Schoolgirls 42kg: Aydana Uraimova, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolgirls 48kg: Akmaral Amantayeva, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolgirls 52kg: Symbat Uraimzhanova, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 33kg: Murtazo Mashrabjanov, Uzbekistan

 Schoolboys 35kg: Abdugani Erkinjonov, Uzbekistan

 Schoolboys 37kg: Abdurauf Abdullazhanov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 40kg: Abdurakhman Khamidzhanov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 43kg: Abdulatif Ibrokhimjonov, Uzbekistan

 Schoolboys 46kg: Aybek Salikhov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 49kg: Abubakr Sayibjanov, Uzbekistan

 Schoolboys 52kg: Adilet Oskonov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 55kg: Alim Pansher, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 58kg: Erbol Abdyrazakov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 61kg: Javokhir Sokidinov, Uzbekistan

 Schoolboys 64kg: Musa Akhmatov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys 67kg: Arsen Batyrbekov, Kyrgyzstan

 Schoolboys +70kg: Temirlan Kalimurza Uulu, Kyrgyzstan

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