Philippine National Games U15 Mindanao Leg

Dexter Louis Racoma
Future stars shine in the Philippine National Games U15 Mindanao Leg
The upcoming Philippine National Games could be one of the most anticipated sport event of the country in 2016 and to qualify to that strong event is not an easy one. Philippines has got great traditions in boxing and their current stars are among the bests in the Asian continent therefore the best coaches of the country were there in Koronadal City at the Philippine National Games U15 Mindanao Leg Qualifiers to find new top talents.
The competition was held for the U15 age groups which was part of the Mindanao Leg of the Philippine National Games. The competition was taken place in the city of Koronadal which is located in Southern region of Mindanao. The island of Mindanao is one of the strongest region in boxing in the Philippines where the number of the athletes is huge.
The Mindanao Leg Qualifiers was scheduled for schoolboys/schoolgirls age group and for kids also in Koronadal City. Schoolboys and schoolgirls were from the 2001-2002 age groups while the kids level meant the youngsters who were born in 2003 or in 2004. These talented boxers could be on the top in their career in the 2024 Olympic Games.
One of their top woman talent Shirrlyn Gil Napoles came from a boxing family where her elder brothers are boxers and among them Ranjo Gil is member of the junior national squad of the Philippines. The 14-year-old Bantamweight class (54 kg) boxer defeated all of her rivals in the event and secured a title. Deborah Grace Bustamenta (44 kg) and Jeane Raciel Boloy (50 kg) were the further gold medallist of the schoolgirls age group.
Jhon Charel Rosas claimed the first gold medal of the Mindanao Leg Qualifiers in Koronadal City in the kids age group. John Vincent Pangga and his elder brother 14-year-old James Ian Pangga delivered great successes for their parents following their titles in the event. Both talents shined in the front of the watchful eyes of the Philippine coaches.
Carl Jhon Austria and Christian Austria are also brothers who proved their very bests in the competition. Both talented young hopes won their weight classes in Koronadal City, Carl in the kids age group while 14-year-old Christian among the schoolboys. Eight boxers have been crowned in the schoolboys age group where Dexter Louie Racoma (42 kg) and Jefferson Calinawan (44 kg) both proved their talents in the event.