Uzbekistan Youth National Cup

Uzbek Junior 01
Five new champions in the Uzbekistan Youth National Cup
Uzbekistan had two youth national events in 2015 the first in February, the second in September while their National Boxing Federation decided to host a third competition for the boxers who were born 1998 and in 1999 to give them chance to show their skills before 2016 when AIBA and ASBC both will be hosting championships for this age group.
The Uzbekistan Youth National Cup was held in the city of Ferghana which is located near to the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well. Republican College of Olympic Reserve, host Ferghana and Tashkent region claimed two gold medals in the event, while Andizhan, city of Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Namangan all secured one gold medal in the important event.
Farhodjon Jabborzoda of Bukhara is a new face in the youth age group but he could win the opening gold medal of the Uzbek Youth National Cup after beating Yochinbek Shovurodov of Jizzakh at the Pinweight class (46 kg). The bronze medals were achieved by newcomers such as Abdumutol Abdurazakov and Abduvokhit Marupkhonov.
Jakhongir Baltabayev delivered the first sensation of the national event when he defeated the favourite of the Light Flyweight class (49 kg) Otabek Kholmatov in the final which was a repeat final after their last one in September. Kholmatov was the winner of their contest in September while now Republican College of Olympic Reserve’s Jakhongir Baltabayev was able to do revenge.
Rakhmatulla Kuziyev of Namangan also delivered a great surprise at the Flyweight class (52 kg) where he demonstrated his power against ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships silver medallist Oybek Jurayev. Zoirjon Jumanazarov of Tashkent region defeated favourite Shunkor Abdurasulov in the final of the Bantamweight class (56 kg) while ASBC Asian Junior Champion Murodjon Aliyev claimed only bronze medal in Ferghana.
AIBA Junior World Champion and ASBC Asian Junior Champion Bilolbek Mirzarakhimov moved up one weight class since his last appearance. He lost to Heydar Aliyev Junior Cup silver medallist Bekhruz Rakhmonov in the final of the Uzbek Junior National Championships in Bekabad one and half year ago but on their repeat match Mirzarakhimov was better than his older rival. Abu Nuronov won the Uzbek Junior National Championships in 2014 and bagged his second title after beating Farrukh Ilkhomov.
Ulugbek Sobirov competed in several international events this year following his gold at the Uzbek Youth National Championships in February. Andizhan’s new pride defeated ASBC Asian Junior Champion Yakhyokhon Saidkhonov in the final of the Welterweight class (69 kg) while Junior National Champion Dilshodbek Ruzmetov secured bronze in Ferghana.
Shokhrukhbek Rustamov could fight on absolutely home soil as he has been training in Ferghana. The 17-year-old Middleweight class (75 kg) boxer was silver medallist in their National Championships in September which changed now into a brighter one. He defeated Junior National Championships bronze medallist Shakhzod Mauzerov in the semi-final and Ozod Davurov in the gold medal bout.
Jamshid Abdullayev was not enough experienced yet in the previous competitions but this time he was more than well-prepared. Abdullayev secured Ferghana’s second gold medal in the event after beating two-time Uzbek Youth National Champion Sanjar Tursunov who was the main favourite of the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg).
Defending Uzbek Youth National Champion Shakhruz Rakhimov robbed into the country’s boxing life in 2014 when he claimed silver at their Junior National Championships. The 17-year-old boxer defeated Governor Junior Cup silver medallist Abboskhon Mirzaabdullayev in the semi-final and he was also too strong for ASBC Asian Junior Champion Profsor Rorimsha in the final of the Heavyweight class (91 kg).
Abdulla Khudorganov and Alisher Dustov met in the recent two years several times in the Uzbek national events among the juniors. The Uzbek Junior National Champion Khudorganov eliminated Abdulaziz Mukhammadaminov in the semi-final and his main rival Dustov for the gold of the Super Heavyweight class (+91 kg).
Winners in the Uzbek Youth National Cup
46 kg: Farhodjon Jabborzoda
49 kg: Jakhongir Baltabayev
52 kg: Rakhmatulla Kuziyev
56 kg: Zoirjon Jumanazarov
60 kg: Bilolbek Mirzarakhimov
64 kg: Abu Nuronov
69 kg: Ulugbek Sobirov
75 kg: Shokhrukhbek Rustamov
81 kg: Jamshid Abdullayev
91 kg: Shakhruz Rakhimov
+91 kg: Abdulla Khudorganov