Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad was named as Iraq’s Best Sportsperson in 2021

The Secretary General of the Iraqi Boxing Federation Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad received one of the most important sport awards in Baghdad which shows his huge commitment to sport and boxing. The Iraqi Athletes Association named Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad as the Best Sportsperson of the Year 2021 and the boxing official reached another highlight during his career.

Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad joined to the Iraqi Boxing Federation as official in 2017 and under his leadership together with their President Mr. Ali Takleef, the country earns more medal and better results. Iraq’s boxing life turned into a new era since they have been managing the country’s sport and their boxers can compete more international events.

Iraq sent boxers to all of the recent ASBC Asian Boxing Championships and their young hopes bagged medals in almost everywhere. Their talents advanced to the finals of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai on August 2021 and they were competitive against the top nations as well.

Iraq started to form its women’s national team in the beginning of this year which is a strong commitment from their National Boxing Federation. Their President Mr. Ali Takleef and the Secretary General Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad worked hard following the official approval of the Hijab to start women’s boxing in Iraq. Their junior talent at the lightweight (60kg), Maryam Mohammed has done a historical debut in women’s boxing at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships and achieved silver medal. Mr. Ali Abdulzahra Jawad and the Iraqi Boxing Federation arranged several national events despite of the Covid-19 situation, they hosted a lot of training camps for their best athletes earning the benefits in the last ASBC Championships. The Iraqi Boxing Federation registered also to the upcoming ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships.

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