Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt is the new head coach of the women’s elite national team

The Boxing Federation of India confirmed the new elite women’s head coach of their national team is the experienced Mr. Bhaskar Chandra Bhatt who replaced the former Italian trainer, Mr. Raffaele Bergamasco.  

Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt claimed bronze medal in the Indian National Boxing Championships as a boxer more than 30 years ago. Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt is a boxing coach since 1992 and he has three decades of experiences as a trainer. He was the assistant coach of the women’s national team from 2005 to 2012 and he was responsible for the youth squad between 2017 and 2021.

He led the Indian female national team at the Kielce 2021 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships where their women talent claimed seven gold medals. The Indian women’s national team topped the rankings and medal standings in the Kielce edition on April 2021 as at the second time in the event’s history.  

Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt will lead the Indian women’s national team at the IBA Women’s Elite World Boxing Championships, ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games in 2022. The Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of India Mr. Hemanta Kumar Kalita confirmed that Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt will lead their women’s national team in the upcoming one year. The men’s elite head coach is still Mr. Santiago Nieva who is in charge since 2016 and he can continue his job in India.

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