M.M. Paris named as Best Boxer in the Sri Lankan T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament

The T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament is a traditional competition in Sri Lanka where high number of young prospects fought for the medals in Kandy. M.M. Paris and Senuka Dulran were the bests among the schoolboys, Dimash Sankalpa impressed in the junior level while Mohamad Luqman and Kamal Denauama were the bests in the youth age group in the city of Kandy.
The T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament was held to raise the experience of Sri Lanka’s young talents in three age groups and altogether 16 champions have been crowned in the national competition. Kandy is located in the middle of the island, has with cooler climate and famous of its cultural and historical sightseeing.
Following the Layton Cup, the traditional Clifford Cup and the Sri Lankan National Sports Festival the T.B. Jayah Meeting was their next national activity. Altogether 187 boxers from 44 schools attended in the T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament in Kandy which shows development in these age groups in Sri Lanka.
Trinity College Kandy won the team rankings following their three titles, one silver and one bronze medal. St. Sylvester’s College was the runner-up squad in the T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament winning also three gold medals in the city of Kandy. Colombo’s Mahanama College became the third in the team rankings with their two gold medals.
The Best Boxer Award was taken by M.M. Paris of St. Sylvester’s College who won the pinweight (45kg) among the schoolboys athletes following his success over Hamdan Faisal in the final. Mahanama College’s Senuka Dulran proved his talent in the 35kg of the schoolboys level before Kandy’s Themiya Herath impressed in the final of the 41kg where he was too strong for M.T.S. Rayman.
The first out of the five available junior gold medals at the T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament was captured by Mahanama College’s Dimash Sankalpa who defeated all of his four rivals including M.G.V. Kumara in the final of the pinweight (46kg). Kandy’s local boxers kept three gold medals in the city, their W.M.S.C. Wijesooriya (48kg), A.G.D.D. Jayasinghe (52kg) and M.P.G.P.P. Wijesinghe (54kg) all won their categories.
Trinity College’s Mohamad Luqman launched powerful punches in his final against Eranga Bandara and won the final of the youth light flyweight (49kg) by RSC. His teammate in the squad Kamal Denauama was also too strong for his opponents including R.J. Wickramasinghe in the final of the youth lightweight (60kg). A.M.R. Ahamad (52kg), S.M.A.S.K. Premathilaka (56kg) and I.P.K.L. Ilangarathna (64kg) were the further winners of the youth part of the T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament.

List of the winners in the T.B. Jayah School Boxing Tournament
Schoolboys 35kg: Senuka Dulran
Schoolboys 37kg: D. Karunarathne
Schoolboys 39kg: D.M.T.R.B. Dissanayake
Schoolboys 41kg: Themiya Herath
Schoolboys 43kg: Y.M. Husen
Schoolboys 45kg: M.M. Paris
Junior 46kg: Dimash Sankalpa
Junior 48kg: W.M.S.C. Wijesooriya
Junior 50kg: H.M.A.S. Karunanayake
Junior 52kg: A.G.D.D. Jayasinghe
Junior 54kg: M.P.G.P.P. Wijesinghe
Youth 49kg: Mohamad Luqman
Youth 52kg: A.M.R. Ahamad
Youth 56kg: S.M.A.S.K. Premathilaka
Youth 60kg: Kamal Denauama
Youth 64kg: I.P.K.L. Ilangarathna

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