Interview with the Best Asian ITO in 2017 Mr. Lenny D’Gama

Mr. Lenny D’Gama of India was named as the Best ITO in Asia in 2017 following his hard work in the international competitions. The Asian Boxing Confederation asked the Indian official about this impressive award, his opinion about 2017 and the future of Asia’s boxing during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games era.

– How do you feel yourself after the 2017 Best Asian ITO Award?
– It was a real Surprise, but a very pleasant one to be awarded ‘Best Asian ITO for 2017″

– What does it mean for you winning this Award?
– Winning this prestigious Award just humbles me and I thank everyone and all the officials in boxing who voted for me. I will try to live up to your expectations, still learning from my seniors and will work more dedicatedly and in teamwork with my Colleagues.

– How do you summarize your year in 2017?
– I really enjoy working for boxing activities and this Year was very exciting. From assisting in India at various State Boxing activities, National Championships, I was assigned 5 International/Asian Championships and it kept me busy and smiling too.

– What are the biggest strengths in Asia’s boxing?
– Having been to many International around the World, what I have noted is the Officials working at ASBC right from the top to the RJs are very friendly and dedicatedly work for the success of every Championship. There is no partiality whatsoever and at every Asian Boxing Event/Competition, emphasis is laid on ‘neutrality’ and the motto being ‘better Boxer wins”.
ASBC stands for ‘Neutrality ‘ keeps a sharp eye is used to curb ‘favouritism’ and at the same time, supports the poor Asian Countries to come up, arranging free Boxing Equipment for these many Countries – That is its biggest strength and therefore it is “the Best Confederation”.

– What do you expect in the boxing world next year?
– I anticipate the Boxing World will work hard to get the best from their ‘ Youth Boxers” the next year. Japan 2020 Olympic Games is close and it will be the Youth Boxers of today who will steal the show at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Women Boxing will come of age, and most undoubtedly, Asian Boxing Confederation will dominate in Men and Women Boxing in the World.