Indonesian National Tournament in Ambon


Wanimbo and Pariama returned in the Indonesian National Tournament in Ambon
Indonesia is even more active in the boxing map in comparison to their commitment in the previous years. The local federation hosted a big selection tournament in Ambon which is located in the Maluku region of the big country. Two of their previous women stars such as Selly Wanimbo and Welmi Pariama returned to the world of boxing and claimed gold medals in Ambon.
Indonesia delivered great results in the President’s Cup in April and also good performance in the Singapore 2015 Southeast Asian Games in June. Kornelis Kwangu Langu could attend in the AIBA Pro Boxing and after the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships he needed some rest and did not participate in the event in Ambon.
Women boxing developed well in Indonesia in the recent years and some of their athletes could be join to the bests in Asia. Selly Wanimbo took part in the 2008 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Ningbo City, China and returned to the trainings. In their national event in Ambon she defeated Ona Paays in the final of the Women’s Light Flyweight class (48 kg) and claimed the first gold medal of the tournament.
Her teammate Welmi Pariama also attended in that global event seven years ago and still on the top in Indonesia. The 24-year-old boxer moved up to the Light Welterweight class (64 kg) and dominated all of her fights in Ambon. Maluku claimed two gold medals in the women event: Femmy Benamen and Julianna Patty who eliminated Southeast Asian Games bronze medallist Magdalena Kambayong in the semi-final and she was also too strong for Nurhikma in the final. Julianna Patty stopped her opponent in the final still in the opening round after her lethal punches.
Maluku’s Rocep Souhoka claimed the first gold medal of the men’s competition in Ambon where he defeated Asrul Sudin in the final of the Pinweight class (46 kg). Former National Champion 22-year-old Irfan Tentonda and Novli Engkeng are younger hopes but proved their skills in the recent years and won their weight classes also in Ambon.
Julius and Ralin Lumoly are two top athletes in Indonesia and the brothers delivered two gold medals to their family in Ambon. Southeast Asian Games bronze medallist Erico Amanupunyo eliminated National Champion Lodewijk Batlayeri in the semi-finals and also proved top performance against Jusmin Hasan in the gold medal bout.
Maluku’s Bram Betaubun eliminated national team member and former Southeast Asian Games winner Alex Tatontos in the semi-finals and he was also too strong for Daniel Seum in the gold medal bout of the Middleweight class. Betaubun knocked down his final opponent in the third round and the referee stopped their contest before the final bell.
Taufan Paransa moved up to the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) and won the category after beating a veteran athlete, David Iskiwar for the gold. The last gold medal of the event was achieved by an experienced boxer Timotius Rumpaidus who won the Heavyweight class (91 kg) in Ambon.

Winners in Ambon:
Women’s 48 kg: Selly Wanimbo
Women’s 51 kg: Femmy Benamen
Women’s 54 kg: Ratna Sari Devi
Women’s 57 kg: Ildawaty
Women’s 60 kg: Julianna Patty
Women’s 64 kg: Welmi Pariama
Men’s 46 kg: Rocep Souhoka
Men’s 49 kg: Irfan Tentonda
Men’s 52 kg: Novli Engkeng
Men’s 56 kg: Julius Lumoly
Men’s 60 kg: Orlando Limahelu
Men’s 64 kg: Ralin Lumoly
Men’s 69 kg: Erico Amanupunyo
Men’s 75 kg: Bram Betaubun
Men’s 81 kg: Taufan Paransa
Men’s 91 kg: Timotius Rumpaidus