Layton Cup starts in Sri Lanka

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Layton Cup starts in Sri Lanka
The Layton Cup is a traditional boxing event in Sri Lanka which competition has been helding in Autumn every year. The current edition of the Layton Cup will be held in Colombo which will be also a selection event for the upcoming South Asian Games.
Altogether 189 women and men boxers registered to take part in the upcoming Layton Cup which is near to the record of the event. Among them 58 women boxers from 11 different teams will be there in the female competition which are scheduled in 10 weight classes: 48 kg, 51 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60 kg, 64 kg, 69 kg, 75 kg, 81 kg and +81 kg.
The most popular categories are the Light Flyweight class (48 kg) and the Flyweight class (51 kg) where the number of the women boxers is 10. Strong team of MAS Southern will have 18 female athletes in the Layton Cup which is more than 30% of the registered women boxers.
Altogether 131 men boxers registered to the Layton Cup from 15 different teams and among them the Sri Lankan Army will send 31 competitors while the Navy will have also a big team, 22 athletes in the men competition.
The most popular category is the Flyweight class (52 kg) where 17 athletes are expected to take part in the Layton Cup but Lightweight class (60 kg) and Middleweight class (75 kg) also will see 15 boxers. The number of the registered Heavyweight class (91 kg) boxers is 11 which is record in the history of the Layton Cup .