Thailand National Tournament

Star Wuttichai Masuk dominated the Thailand National Tournament
The Thailand National Tournament was a seven days long competition short after the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships and several of their stars attended in the event in the end of the long season. Among the medallists in the AIBA events Supaporn Srisondee and Wuttichai Masuk claimed gold medals in the national event. The competition was also a first selection event for the upcoming qualification events which will be in the program before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Thailand hosted the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships two and half months ago in Bangkok and their athletes proved top performance in the entire year. The President of the Thailand Boxing Federation Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira not only focusing to the elite but the youth and junior age groups as well which directive is a new key point of their development.
The number of the participating elite women boxers was 70 in the competition in spite of the fact their current ASBC Asian Women’s Champions Peamwilai Laopeam (54 kg) and Tassamalee Thongjan (57 kg) missed the event due their preparation for 2016. A newcomer Tapatsu Puttanasuknukul claimed the first gold medal of the tournament who won the Pinweight class (45 kg) of the women competition.
In the absence of AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Chuthamat Raksat a new hope Aparporn Inthingsri won the Women’s Light Flyweight class (48 kg) after beating Ploypilin Pladchuysri. Tantip Wannaprom competed in the 2014 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria which was the qualification event for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games. The 19-year-old talented boxer defeated Chuthamat Chitrapong in the final of the Flyweight class (51 kg) and secured her first national title in the elite level.
Three-time Southeast Asian Games winner Sopida Satumrum is member of the national team since 2007 when she was only 17 therefore her gold medal at the Women’s Bantamweight class (54 kg) was not a surprise. Ratchadaporn Saoto (57 kg) and Suthamat Khokchu (60 kg) are new winners in the women national events in Thailand.
Former ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships competitor Anusara Dusanthia is 24 and won the last two editions of the Thai National Games while she was able to continue that winning series in the new event as well. AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Supaporn Srisondee attended in four different weight classes in the recent five years. The 24-year-old boxer fought at the Welterweight class (69 kg) in the Thailand National Tournament this time and defeated two national team members Rewadee Phonok and Kanokwan Taleungjit.
ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships competitors Samak Saehan and Yuranan Donkrathok were the favourites of the Light Flyweight class (49 kg) but the gold medal was achieved by Tawee Lapai. Kittipong Chareonroi advanced to the final of the Flyweight class (52 kg) where he was able to beat Pichitchai Kunsen while strong favourite Amarit Yaodam bagged only bronze in the event.
ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Tanes Ongjunta had to meet in the final with rising hope Thanawut Petchkum who eliminated Agong Cup winner Artid Raruengmaemae in the semi-finals. The 23-year-old boxer returned to the Bantamweight class (56 kg) and proved he is a top athlete in Thailand.
Tiwa Chanthakhampa eliminated Thailand National Games winner Weerachol Yotwichai in the semi-final and after that success he was too strong also for Sarayut Kongsopa in the gold medal bout of the Lightweight class (60 kg). The next gold medal was achieved by Yuttapong Sittichot (64 kg) who is near to the Thai top team after his continuous strong performance.
Defending ASBC Asian Champion and Asian Games winner Wuttichai Masuk moved up to the Welterweight class (69 kg) after his bronze medal at the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. The 25-year-old boxer was in different level than Songpol Jinawan and claimed the gold medal in the strong tournament. Masuk has already qualified as lone Thai athlete to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.
Aphisit Kanankhokkhruea was quarter-finalist in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok and qualified also to the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. The 25-year-old Middleweight class (75 kg) boxer defeated Teerapong Dee in the final of the national tournament. Uthai Nachaitong eliminated one of the main favourite of the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) Poolwirat Patithangkho in the quarter-finals and following that strong performance he defeated Kirati Tanan and Jakkrapong Yomkot as well.
Winners in the Thailand National Tournament
Women’s 45 kg: Tapatsu Puttanasuknukul
Women’s 48 kg: Aparporn Inthingsri
Women’s 51 kg: Tantip Wannaprom
Women’s 54 kg: Sopida Satumrum
Women’s 57 kg: Ratchadaporn Saoto
Women’s 60 kg: Suthamat Khokchu
Women’s 64 kg: Anusara Dusanthia
Women’s 69 kg: Supaporn Srisondee
Men’s 46 kg: Suepbong Promdeur
Men’s 49 kg: Tawee Lapai
Men’s 52 kg: Kittipong Chareonroi
Men’s 56 kg: Tanes Ongjunta
Men’s 60 kg: Tiwa Chanthakhampa
Men’s 64 kg: Yuttapong Sittichot
Men’s 69 kg: Wuttichai Masuk
Men’s 75 kg: Aphisit Kanankhokkhruea
Men’s 81 kg: Uthai Nachaitong