Inaugural Pakistan women’s university tourney puts spotlight on new talents

A slew of emerging talents were discovered during the three-day long competition in the first-ever Pakistan Women’s University National Boxing Championships held recently in Lahore.

Six champions were crowned and 18 other promising boxers earned medals on top of cash prizes in the historic event.

A total of 80 aspiring female pugilists from 17 universities participated in the tournament which took place at the Lahore College for Women University.

The first winner at the Pakistan Women’s University National Championships was LCWU’s Aniee Baig who defeated Sehrish Shahzad in the final of the minimumweight (48kg). Humna Muntaz has experiences from previous national events and she was too strong for Karima Mehdi in the final of the light flyweight (50kg).

Bushra Akhtar was also too experienced for Sahar in the third final of the historic competition and she won the flyweight (52kg) in Lahore. Bushra Akhtar is an attacking boxer and she surprised all of her opponents in the event, winning her contests by RSC. Shekhzadi Sahi won the bantamweight (54kg) in the university national event following her success over Sumble Fatima in the final.

Sajiha Ismail controlled all of her contests in the national event including her final against Saeeda of LGU at the featherweight (57kg). Maria Sultana, one of the most experienced competitors of the national event, achieved LCWU’s second gold medal in Lahore following she defeated Rabia Saeed in the last final.

Pakistan Boxing Federation President Muhammad Khalid Mahmood expressed his elation at the staging of the new competition, underlining the importance of developing women’s boxing in the country.

Pakistani women boxers started showing their wares on the international stage during the South Asian Games 2016. Since then, they joined several international events including the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Championships.

The list of the winners at the Pakistan Women’s
University Boxing Championships

Women’s 48kg: Aniee Baig
Women’s 50kg: Humna Muntaz
Women’s 52kg: Bushra Akhtar
Women’s 54kg: Shekhzadi Sahi
Women’s 57kg: Sajiha Ismail
Women’s 60kg: Maria Sultana

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