Asde Nawang and Abdul Hadi Siibah claimed their second titles in the Brunei Interclub Tournament

Following the first Interclub Tournament the next competition was held in Brunei to increase the experience of the boxers. In the second edition of their Interclub Tournament youth boxers could also attend for the medals besides to the elites. Brunei’s Asde Nawang and Abdul Haadi Siibah repeated their successes after the first event which was held earlier this year.
The Brunei Boxing Federation returned to the Asian map in 2017 and hosted its first international event a few months ago which was a great success and achievement of the country. In the second edition of their Interclub Tournament the local boxers shined and won the titles of the competition.
Brunei competed in the 2003 AIBA World Boxing Championships in Bangkok, in the one edition of the Commonwealth Games and several Southeast Asian Games in the ‘90s and in the beginning of the last decade. Brunei re-started their national events and its daily work in 2017 and arranged already two competitions this year.
The region’s most important multisport event the next edition of the Southeast Asian Games is scheduled to be held in the Philippines this December and Brunei is aiming to make its return. The Brunei Boxing Federation is also planning to make a comeback to the ASBC Asian Championships in the upcoming years.
The youth boxers can attend in the Brunei Interclub Tournament at the very first time and the historical first winner was Hakim Yazid of Shark Boxing Club who defeated Wolfpack’s Muhammad Faiz Haziq at the bantamweight (56kg). The second youth title was taken by 17-year-old Luqman Hakim who defeated Mohammad Akhmal Hamizan Shah in the final of the light welterweight (64kg) winning the bout by points.
The first elite winner of the Brunei Interclub Tournament was Hof’s Mohammed Fakhri who defeated Khairul Sapar of Triple B by points at the flyweight (52kg). Asde Nawang trains in the local Khalifa team and won the title in the first edition of the Brunei Interclub Tournament and following that success he repeated that performance once again achieving his second gold medal at the bantamweight (56kg) in Brunei this year.
Aaron Lim from Project M Boxing Club was able to beat Khalifa’s O Kai Gyi in the final of the light welterweight (64kg). Khalifa’s next boxer in the final was Kevin Lim who impressed in the title contest of the welterweight (69kg) against Mohamed Razaiman Shah of Triple B who won the gold medal in the last edition.
Khalifa’s next hope Mohamed Shahdani was slightly better than Yazid Taib and claimed the gold medal at the middleweight (75kg). Abdul Haadi Siibah won the first edition of the Brunei Interclub Tournament and moved down to the light heavyweight (81kg) but his strength was the difference in the final against Dani Sii. Following his KO success, the last title of the competition was achieved by Muhammad Izzudin who stopped Aaron Damu Baring at the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the winners in the 2nd Brunei Interclub Tournament
Youth 56kg: Hakim Yazid, Brunei
Youth 64kg: Luqman Hakim, Brunei
Elite 52kg: Mohamed Fakhri, Brunei
Elite 56kg: Asde Nawang, Brunei
Elite 64kg: Aaron Lim, Brunei
Elite 69kg: Kevin Lim, Brunei
Elite 75kg: Mohamed Shahdani, Brunei
Elite 81kg: Abdul Haadi Siibah, Brunei
Elite +91kg: Muhammad Izzudin, Brunei

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