ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba sends his best wishes to the Mongolian Boxing Federation on their Independence Day

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and Vice-President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Mr. Anas Alotaiba, furthermore and the whole ASBC management are sending their best wishes to the Mongolian Boxing Federation and their whole Boxing Family on their Independence Day.

The Independence Day is an official public holiday in Mongolia on December 29th every year which also known as National Revolution of Freedom. The Independence Day commemorates Mongolia’s independence from China’s Qing Dynasty on that day in 1911. It has been celebrated annually in Mongolia since 2011.

The Manchurian Qing dynasty was overthrown on May 1911 and following that Mongolia under Bogd Khan declared its independence on December 29 later that year. The Republic of Mongolia lasted for eight years until it was invaded by China in 1919 and following that by the Russians in 1921. Mongolia achieved its actual independence with the support of the Soviet troops from the Republic of China in 1921.

The Mongolian Boxing Federation celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018 and their boxers claimed several big titles in the previous 12 years. Mongolia sent boxers at the very first time to the Munich 1972 Olympic Games where nine of their hopes competed in West Germany while their Enkhbat Badar-Uugan became their Olympic Champion in Beijing in 2008. Mongolia’s stars Dorjnyambuu Otgondalai and Erdenebat Tsendbaatar are their Asian Games winners from 2014 and 2018.

The Mongolian Boxing Federation hosted the Asian Elite Boxing Championships in 2007, the ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships in 2012 and the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships in 2019. The Mongolian boxers earned medals in all of the previous editions of the ASBC Boxing Championships.

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