ASBC medallists Shirzai and Amiri won the titles at the Afghanistan Junior National Championships

The Afghanistan Junior National Championships for their male boxers was their next successful competition in Kabul which saw record number of participants. Afghanistan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships bronze medallist duo 15-year-old Masiullah Omari Shirzai and Mohammad Younus Amiri continued their strong technical developments in the event and earned the titles.

Kabul welcomed all of the best boxers of the provinces of the country in their Afghanistan Junior National Championships which saw several top contests especially in the smaller weight categories. Boxers who were born in 2004 and in 2005 were eligible to attend in the Afghanistan Junior National Championships. Altogether 13 champions have been crowned from the pinweight (46kg) up to the heavyweight (+80kg) in the junior national event.

All of the provinces had selection events before the Afghanistan Junior National Championships and the bests of the bests could attend in Kabul. Following the pre-selections, more than 300 young boxers received the right to attend in the new edition of the Afghanistan Junior National Championships in Kabul.  

The Afghan schoolboys and junior boxers proved outstanding performance in the recent ASBC Boxing Championships in Kuwait City and in Fujairah. The President of the Afghanistan Boxing Federation Mr. Abdullah Sattari followed all of the bouts to check the developments of their junior boxers.

Masiullah Omari Shirzai earned a fantastic bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. He moved up to the pinweight (46kg) and the 15-year-old talent defeated all of his rivals in the Junior National Championships including Tawfiq Astwar in the final.

Afghanistan’s powerful Mohammad Younus Amiri achieved also bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships as one of the youngest boxers of their delegation. He moved up to the light flyweight (48kg) but stopped all of his opponents in the Junior National Championships, continuing his winning path.

The flyweight (50kg) gold medal was achieved by Habibullah Khaliqi who became slightly better than Mujtaba Mohammad in the third final of the Junior National Championships. Atiqullah Shahan claimed the next gold medal in another strong weight category at the light bantamweight (52kg) where he was too strong for Haroon Yashkari in the final.

Abdulrahman Fuqran eliminated his main rival Junior National Champion 16-year-old Zainuddin Ghawsi in the semi-finals of the bantamweight (54kg) and continued his winning path against Mohammed Hashim Sarwari in the final of the category. The young Afghan talent could be one of their new sensations in the international events in 2021.

Panda Maiwand Akhtari won the 2019 Afghanistan Schoolboys National Championships and attended also at the Kuwait City ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. He moved up to the featherweight (57kg) in the recent months but his strength was enough skilled to beat experienced Zabiullah Ehsan in the final. The next strong performance was delivered by Walid Haidari at the lightweight (60kg) in the Junior National Championships.

List of the winners in the Afghanistan Junior National Championships
46kg: Masiullah Omari Shirzai
48kg: Mohammad Younus Amiri
50kg: Habibullah Khaliqi
52kg: Atiqullah Shahan
54kg: Abdulrahman Fuqran
57kg: Panda Maiwand Akhtari
60kg: Walid Haidari
63kg: Yaser Malakzada
66kg: Ahmad Shah Dawrani
70kg: Komil Khanzada
75kg: Mohammad Samim Raoufi
80kg: Noor Mustafi
+80kg: Ali Sujad

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