ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s fantastic boxer from the 2003 age group, Login Petrov

Uzbekistan’s Login Petrov arrived to the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships with perfect pedigree and following his strong performance, he dominated the light middleweight (70kg). Uzbekistan’s currently 17-year-old Login Petrov turned to youth in 2020 and amazed in all of the events but his junior performance raised him to one of our ASBC Heroes.

Login Petrov was born in the historical city of Navoy on September 10 in 2003 and began boxing with father coach Artem at the age of 8. The 185cm tall talent trains 18 hours per week in Navoy to accomplish all of his future goals. Petrov won his first title at the 2016 Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Championships which he defended one year later.

The Uzbekistan Junior National Cup was held for their 14 and 15-year-old young talents in the historical city of Ferghana on December 2018. Navoy’s top future hope Login Petrov has got strong international experiences who claimed silver medal in the Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Junior Memorial Tournament in Kazakhstan and won other events in 2018. The 15-year-old top local hope controlled his welterweight (66kg) final fight against Ferghana’s Asadbek Safarov and won his next national title in Uzbekistan.

The first international junior tournament of the year was held in the Uzbek capital in Tashkent on January 2019. Navoy’s No.1 Login Petrov was too strong and too experienced for Ferghana’s Asadbek Safarov in the final of the light middleweight (70kg). Petrov won his third tournament title within three months and he proved that he is a strong favourite also in the 2019 ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships which was his main event last year.

The 2019 edition of the Uzbekistan Junior National Championships was held in the city of Urgench which is located in the Western part of the country in the Khorezm region. Login Petrov dominated all of his five recent tournaments and stopped most of his opponents in Urgench as well. The 16-year-old Petrov controlled his final against Junior National Cup winner Azizbek Samadov and celebrated his next success.

Uzbekistan’s junior No.1 Login Petrov was named as the top favourite of the light middleweight (70kg) before the start of the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships. The Uzbek boxer’s father is his coach who has been working hard together to get top results in the international stages. Petrov eliminated Kazakhstan’s Rakhymzhan Shanzharkhan in the quarter-finals and continued his winning path against China’s Pan Xuanxuan in the last four. The experienced Uzbek used his longer hands against India’s Rahul but he attacked also well and his clear dominancy delivered for him a gold medal. 

The 2020 edition of the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships was held in the city of Andizhan on January. Login Petrov, who is the defending ASBC Asian Junior Champion, won all of his previous national events and joined to the youth age group on January 2020. The 16-year-old middleweight (75kg) boxer defeated all of his five opponents in Andizhan including his last rival Azimjon Ergashev. He attended also at the Yukov Prizes Youth Tournament, at the Botvinnik Youth Memorial Tournament and at the Uzbekistan Elite Boxing Championships in 2020.

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