ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s 17-year-old Feruza Kazakova who began boxing ten years ago

Uzbekistan sent a superb team to the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships where Feruza Kazakova was one of our ASBC Heroes. She was 16 by the time of the Fujairah event but she had the experience to dominate her fights in the continental event achieving her career highlight.

Feruza Kazakova was born in the city of Andizhan on October 31 in 2003 and began her sport career in 2010 at the age of 7. She had already more than 40 fights which made her one of the most experienced boxers in her age group in the whole Asian continent. Kazakova dominated the 2019 edition of the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships which delivered for her a place in the national team.

Kazakova stopped her first Sri Lankan rival Gethani Kavinddiya Kulathunga and she was slightly better also than Thailand’s top future hope Natnicha Chongprongklang in the semi-finals. China’s Junior National Games winner Deng Lanping had a tough rival in the semi-finals of the women’s flyweight (50kg) in Fujairah but she could win against India’s National Champion Rinku.

The 16-year-old Chinese was not able to repeat her semi-final performance in the title bout against Uzbekistan’s Feruza Kazakova. The Uzbek talent impressed in the first round and she boxed over her previous level in the final and caught the Chinese boxer with tough punches. Kazakova landed nice left-handed hooks in the third round and deserved to win the title of the flyweight (50kg) which was the third female final in Fujairah. Feruza Kazakova joined to the youth age group following her success in Fujairah, and claimed her next title in the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup. Kazakova defeated her tough teammate, the Best Woman Boxer of the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships, Sabina Bobokulova in the semi-finals of the Youth National Cup. She continued her winning path in the final against Andizhan’s Saydiniso Mukhamadalieva who proved her best at the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Youth Boxing Championships.

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