ASBC Heroes – Kazakhstan’s ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Champion Valeriya Semyonova who is still junior in 2020

Kazakhstan’s Valeriya Semyonova was gold medallist at the light middleweight (70kg) in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships. The Kazakh female boxer was involved to the national team last year and following her success in Fujairah, UAE she became one of the ASBC Heroes in 2019.

Valeriya Semyonova was born in the south part of the country in the city of Taraz on March 26 in 2004. Taraz is famous of its boxing schools, many of Kazakhstan’s former and current stars began their road to the glories from the city. Semyonova began her trainings with coach Mr. B. Askarov in Taraz a few years ago and reached her career highlight in Fujairah.

Valeriya Semyonova won the title at the 2018 Khayrutdinov Women’s Junior Memorial Tournament in Almaty which was her first gold medal in an international event. She has done her debut out of Kazakhstan at the 2019 Nations Women’s Junior Cup in Serbia where she earned silver medal at the light middleweight (70kg).

Semyonova stopped three strong rivals during her road to the finals of the 2019 Kazakhstan Women’s Junior National Championships. She had to meet with her main national rival, one year older Aizharyk Sherikhan of East Kazakhstan region in the final of the event. The final verdict was split decision in the favour of Sherikhan which was their third repeat match within one year.

Semyonova was selected to attend at the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships in spite of her silver medal in the Kazakhstan Nationals. The Kazakh southpaw began her campaign well against Uzbekistan’s Shakhnoza Ergasheva in the continental event. Their semi-final bout at the light middleweight (70kg) finished very quickly in the first round when the referee confirmed Semyonova’s RSC success.

The 15-year-old Kazakh boxer advanced to the final of the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Boxing Championships where her next opponent was India’s Sharvari Kiran Kalyanikar. Semyonova was highly motivated in their final following her impressive semi-final success and managed to control the fight in the first round. The Kazakh boxer landed more punches and showed better technical and tactical skills than her Indian opponent. Semyonova won the final unanimously and won Kazakhstan’s second female gold medal in Fujairah after Nazerke Serik. Semyonova was born in 2004 and remained in the junior age group in 2020.

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