The Palestinian Boxing Federation decided its short term national plans to keep their boxers, coaches and R&Js active

The Palestinian Boxing Federation has got strong short terms of tactical plans for the upcoming months to stay active their boxers, coaches, officials and Referees & Judges in spite of the current environment. The National Boxing Championships, the courses for coaches and Referees & Judges will be their next programs in Palestine.

Their Palestinian National Boxing Championships for all age groups from the schoolboys up to the elite boxers is planning to be held during the end of December but its venue is not decided yet. The National Championships will be the selection of their teams in all age groups for the important upcoming year of 2021.

The Palestinian Boxing Federation is planning to host two courses for national level of Referees & Judges during the first week of November in the cities of Ramalla and Jerusalem to develop their boxing knowledge and inform the participants about the rules, developments and important changes. 

Their next activity is another course for their national coaches who are in level B during the second part of November. The venue of the national coach course to be confirmed soon by the Palestinian Boxing Federation. The educational course is planning to be contained both theoretical and practical parts in Palestine.

The head coach of the Palestinian national boxing team Mr. Nader Jayousi are planning to send the team to the upcoming Zagreb Grand Prix to Croatia and to the Botvinnik Youth Memorial Tournament to Belarus but their international participation depends on the Covid-19 situation and the travelling restrictions.

Palestine’s 14 best male boxers from the schoolboys up to the elites returned to their national training camp still in June to prepare for the next international events. Palestine developed its grassroots in the recent two years and one of their benefits were a bronze medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Boxing Championships. Mr. Nader Jayousi, Mr. Walid Betouni, Mr. Ammar Hdidon, Mr. Majid Abu Hashish and Mr. Hasan Alqam are the coaches of the national team in the training camp.

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