ASBC Heroes – Kazakhstan’s 17-year-old Sultan Babakhanov won all of his events in the recent two years

Kazakhstan’s Sultan Babakhanov was the main favourite of the welterweight (66kg) at the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and as expected, he dominated the category in the United Arab Emirates. Kazakhstan’s currently 17-year-old strong boxer is not only a talent in his country but the best of the 2003 age group therefore he was named as one of our ASBC Heroes.

Sultan Babakhanov was born in the city of Taraz on 14 January in 2003 and began his boxing career at the age of 9. He competed in the international stage at the very first time in 2016 when he was only 13 but he claimed gold medal at the Murataliev Schoolboys Memorial Tournament in Kyrgyzstan. He defended that title in the city of Talas in 2017 beating four local rivals in the Murataliev Memorial Tournament.

He was involved to the junior national team in 2018 and competed three international events in that year. Babakhanov won one of them, the strongest ones, the Junior Nations Cup in Vrbas, Serbia where he defeated his Romanian, US and Serbian rivals. He won the Regional Junior Championships in Taraz closing the year of 2018.

The 2019 Kazakhstan Junior National Boxing Championships was held in the city of Oskemen which is well-known about its former name, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Junior Nations Cup winner, Sultan Babakhanov claimed silver medal in the 2018 Kazakhstan Junior National Championships but in Oskemen he was one of the best boxers besides to another future prospect, Abzal Serik.

Babakhanov achieved the title in the Emil Zhechev Junior Memorial Tournament in Bulgaria, in the Makanalin & Nokerbekov & Satenov Memorial Tournament in Kazakhstan and in the Junior Nations Cup in Serbia. He dominated all of his contests in 2019 and remained unbeaten which made him top favourite at the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships.

Kazakhstan has got excellent traditions at the welterweight (66kg) and their new junior in this category is Sultan Babakhanov who arrived to Fujairah with perfect yearly record. The 16-year-old Babakhanov is the best Kazakh junior boxer in their current team who defeated his main opponents by large margin of differences. The Kazakh boxer used his longer reach in in the final against India’s Jaydeep Rawat but he was extremely strong also from closer distance. Babakhanov was in different level than his Indian rival and deserved his gold medal in the city of Fujairah following his international tournament titles. The 2020 edition of the Kazakhstan Youth National Championships was held in the city of Atyrau on January which venue is located off the coast of the Caspian Sea. Dzhambul region’s Sultan Babakhanov is the defending ASBC Asian Junior Champion who amazed all of the experts in the recent international events. The 17-year-old promising star did not give any chance to his opponents and dominated his final against Nurzhan Amangeldi at the welterweight (69kg) winning his first youth event.

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