ASBC Competition Commission Meeting was held in Bangkok

DSC_0523 - ASBC Competition Commission

The ASBC Competition Commission Meeting was held in the Ebina House Hotel in the rest day of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. The ASBC Competition Commission are facing with new challenges about the weight classes of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and also with other competitions issues. ASBC Vice-President Mr. Youssuf Al-Kazim also attended in the ASBC Competition Meeting.
The opening speech of the ASBC Competition Commission Meeting has done by Chairman Mr. Walid Jarrar of Jordan and ASBC Executive Director Mr. Bagdaulet Turekhanov as start of the negotiations. The members of the ASBC Competition Commission approved the Minutes of the previous ASBC Competition Meeting in Bangkok.
The meeting began with a discussion of the main duties of the Commission and what are the main issues of Asia’s boxing life. The Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) is keeping touch with all Asian National Federations and trying to support their activities with communication and cooperation. The Asian Boxing Confederation sent coach to Nepal and planning to develop other countries with top professionals, furthermore equipment support.
The International Olympic Committee changed the number of the men and women weight classes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The ASBC Competition Commission discussed about the possible weight classes in Tokyo and also about the upcoming 2018 competitions which will be held in the World and in Asia.

The main topics of the ASBC Competition Commission Meeting were the followings:
– Changes of the AIBA Technical Rules
– Changes from the last edition of the AIBA Competition Rules
– Analysis of the 2016/2017 ASBC Competition Calendar, number of the Asian international events in different age groups
– Results achieved by the Asian boxer in the main boxing events in 2016 especially in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
– Comparison of the performance of the Asian boxers between London 2012 Olympic Games and Rio 2016 Olympic Games
– Hamburg 2017 AIBA World Boxing Championships – Qualified Asian boxers per countries after the Tashkent 2017 ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships
– How to raise the number of the boxing competitions, the number of the athletes in the Asian and worldwide events
– Increase the number of the participating countries in the Asian competitions
– Recommendations to ASBC and Conclusions of the Meeting
– Suggestions to the International Olympic Committee and AIBA
– Additional issues of the Meeting