Successful and fruitful ASBC Women’s Commission Meeting was held in Bangkok

DSC_0541 - ASBC Women's Commission Meeting

The ASBC Women’s Commission Meeting was held in the Ebina House Hotel in the rest day of the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand parallel with the ASBC Competition Commission Meeting. ASBC Vice-President Mr. Youssuf Al-Kazim and ASBC Executive Director Mr. Bagdaulet Turekhanov also attended in the Meeting besides to the members.
The opening speech and the warm welcome of the Chairwoman Mrs. Liang Yuan began the ASBC Women’s Commission Meeting in Bangkok. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of the last edition of the ASBC Women’s Commission Meeting was the second step of the negotiations in Bangkok.
Road to Tokyo 2020 is the main program of the ASBC Asian Women’s Commission Meeting which could be the next golden period of the development of women’s boxing. Two extra Olympic weight categories will be offered previously for the relevant AIBA Women’s Commission: 57kg and 69kg as extra categories for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Change of the Olympic women’s weight classes to could be better way to all boxers to find the best categories for all female athletes. The ASBC Asian Women’s Commission did recommendations about the new Olympic weight classes to ASBC and AIBA. The number of the women’s weight classes could be also reduced in the future to eight as the men’s categories and the ASBC Women’s Commission also discussed about this option.
The ASBC Women’s Commission discussed about the ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Elite Boxing Championships to combine with youth and junior competition. Combining the youngest age female age groups with the relevant men’s events could be also solution to raise the number of the bouts in the youth and junior level as well.

The main topics of the ASBC Competition Meeting were the followings in Bangkok:
– Women’s boxing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
– Asian women events in elite, youth and junior levels
– Women’s boxing in the upcoming worldwide events, Youth Olympic Games
– Including the new weight classes to the Asian Games
– Training programs in different countries
– Education of the women’s coaches and R&Js
– Promote the involvement of women’s officials all-round way
– Create the health image and fitness value and program of boxing girls
– Recommendations for ASBC EC Meeting and AIBA Women’s Commission