Abusal, Soufan and Abunab were the bests in the Palestinian Schoolboys & Junior National Championships

The Palestinian Schoolboys & Junior National Championships was held for their male talents in the city of Bethlehem. The national event was a two-days long competition and their best talents proved superb performance in Bethlehem. Among Palestine’s biggest talents Waseem Mohamed Abusal, Bashar Soufan and Abdelrahman Hamza Abunab achieved titles in the National Championships.

Bethlehem has got bright history from the recent millenniums and it was the host of their new national event. The 2003 and 2004 born boxers were able to attend in the junior part of the National Championships in Palestine. The 2005 and 2006 born boxers competed in the schoolboys age group of the Palestinian Age Championships.

Palestine achieved excellent results in the 2019 ASBC events especially at the Kuwait City ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships where the country claimed one bronze medal and won two tough fights. Palestine started to build up their grassroots in the recent two years and their hard work paid off first in Kuwait City and in Fujairah.

The first gold medal was taken by Abdelrahman Badwan of Bedo at the schoolboys 35kg weight class after his victory over Mahmoud Freij in the final. Shufat Sport Club’s Ismail Gaith delivered one of the biggest surprises in the Palestinian Schoolboys National Championships who defeated Elbarrio’s ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships competitor Karam Saqqa in the final of the 40kg weight class.

Shufat Sport Club’s second gold medal was achieved by Abdelfatah Herbawi at the 43kg weight class who defeated Ahmad Freij of Nablus in the final. Arab Sport Centre’s Salem Mustafa was quarter-finalist at the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships and his victory over Ali Jafar was a clear success. Shufat Sport Club’s Adam Zahedah (55kg), Arab Sport Centre’s Qusai Almalhi (64kg) and Abudees Club’s Qusai Shyoukhi (+70kg) were the further winners in the schoolboy level.

Elbarrio’s Waseem Mohamed Abusal attended at the pinweight (46kg) in the ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah and moved up two categories but he won their national title in Bethlehem after beating Reda Najeeb in the first junior final. Bashar Soufan was in the Top8 at the 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in Fujairah therefore his gold medal at the featherweight (57kg) was also an expected result in Bethlehem.

Elbarrio’s Ismael Mali controlled his semi-final over Omar Abuhadwan and continued his winning path against Samad Dawood of Balata in the final of the junior lightweight (60kg). Arab Sport Centre’s Abdelrahman Hamza Abunab moved up to the welterweight (66kg) but his skills were enough to beat Riad Edkaidek in the final. Fouad Salameh (70kg) and Mohammad Masimani (75kg) were also able to beat their promising opponents in the Junior National Championships.

List of the winners in the Palestinian Schoolboys & Junior National Championships
Schoolboys 35kg: Abdelrahman Badwan
Schoolboys 40kg: Ismail Gaith
Schoolboys 43kg: Abdelfatah Herbawi
Schoolboys 52kg: Salem Mustafa
Schoolboys 55kg: Adam Zahedah
Schoolboys 64kg: Qusai Almalhi
Schoolboys +70kg: Qusai Shyoukhi
Junior 50kg: Waseem Mohamed Abusal
Junior 57kg: Bashar Soufan
Junior 60kg: Ismael Mali
Junior 66kg: Abdelrahman Hamza Abunab
Junior 70kg: Fouad Salameh
Junior 75kg: Mohammad Masimani

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