Volosenko and Khodzhabekova continued their triumphs at the Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament

The 37th edition of the Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament was held in Karagandy, Kazakhstan which supported the development of the participating boxers before the main events in 2022. Kazakhstan’s experienced women boxers as Rimma Volosenko and Aizhan Khodzhabekova earned gold medals in the international event.

Karagandy is the usual host city of the Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament which was hosted by the regional boxing federation. The women boxers could attend in six weight categories in the Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament. Kazakhstan’s top male boxers competed in their National Championships but many of their new young hopes proved their best in Karagandy.

The first title was achieved by 18-year-old Gulnar Turapbay who defeated more experienced boxers as Anel Kudaybergen and Russia’s Kristina Bolkvadze in the light flyweight (50kg). ASBC Asian Women’s Champion Rimma Volosenko had a strong year in 2021 and she continued her winning path in Karagandy. The 29-year-old Kazakh boxer defeated her Russian rivals as Kseniya Kim and Alina Pushkar at the lightweight (60kg).

Aizhan Khodzhabekova achieved bronze medal at the featherweight (57kg) in the 2016 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and she moved up to the light welterweight (63kg). The 25-year-old boxer had a tough job against Russia’s Daria Tikhonova in the final but she had the experience to make it happen. AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Azalia Amineva of Russia took the gold medal at the welterweight (66kg) with top performance.

Karagandy’s Zhasmina Kizatova achieved bronze medal at the 2021 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships in Kielce and the 19-year-old talent had a strong performance against Ulbala Aman at the light middleweight (70kg). Karagandy region’s international team member Violetta Knyazeva earned the title of the middleweight (75kg) following her triumph over a teenage hope, Kamila Bazhbenova.

The first male title was earned by a 19-year-old local boxer, Akzhol Gulmurat who had a surprise success over Kyrgyzstan’s ASBC Asian Boxing Championships bronze medallist Mirlan Turkbay Uulu at the minimumweight (48kg). Following Bekzhan Abubakir’s title at the flyweight (51kg), Karagandy’s 24-year-old Said Muratov stopped an international boxer, Karim Serkebayev in the final of the bantamweight (54kg).

Tajikistan’s experienced Khusravkhon Rakhimov competed in several international events but Akyltay Rabatov of the Almaty region stopped him in the final of the featherweight (57kg). Rustem Shaumenov was the top favourite for the gold medal at the men’s lightweight (60kg) but he was defeated by Almaty’s Dulat Turlybekuly in the final. Beykut Zhumazhan is only 18 but he had the experience to win the title bout against Kyrgyzstan’s Mirzokhid Imamnazarov at the light welterweight (63.5kg).

Karagandy region’s Keldibek Kabyken won the battles of the U22 boxers at the welterweight (67kg) in the Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament. Kyrgyzstan’s first ASBC Asian Youth Champion Nuradin Rustambek Uulu eliminated strong rivals and defeated also his teammate, Syrgak Abdyzhapar Uulu at the light middleweight (71kg). Altynbek Ibragimov earned the title of the middleweight (75kg) before Nekruz Salimov bagged Tajikistan’s lone gold medal at the light heavyweight (80kg).

List of the winners in the Galym Zharylgapov Memorial Tournament
Women’s 50kg: Gulnar Turapbay, Kazakhstan
Women’s 60kg: Rimma Volosenko, Kazakhstan
Women’s 63kg: Aizhan Khodzhabekova, Kazakhstan
Women’s 66kg: Azalia Amineva, Russia
Women’s 70kg: Zhasmina Kizatova, Kazakhstan
Women’s 75kg: Violetta Knyazeva, Kazakhstan
Men’s 48kg: Akzhol Gulmurat, Kazakhstan
Men’s 51kg: Bekzhan Abubakir, Kazakhstan
Men’s 54kg: Said Muratov, Kazakhstan
Men’s 57kg: Akyltay Rabatov, Kazakhstan
Men’s 60kg: Dulat Turlybekuly, Kazakhstan
Men’s 63.5kg: Beykut Zhumazhan, Kazakhstan
Men’s 67kg: Keldibek Kabyken, Kazakhstan
Men’s 71kg: Nuradin Rustambek Uulu, Kyrgyzstan
Men’s 75kg: Altynbek Ibragimov, Kazakhstan
Men’s 80kg: Nekruz Salimov, Tajikistan
Men’s 86kg: Beknur Batyrbek, Kazakhstan
Men’s 92kg: Dauren Tolegen, Kazakhstan

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