Tu Po Wei regained his throne in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup where 88 elite male boxers competed for the titles

Chinese Taipei’s next national event the President’s Cup for their boxers finished after several tough competition days. The eight men finals were held in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup where their best boxers a Tu Po Wei, Chen Po Yi, Lai Chu En, Pan Hung Ming and Kan Chai Wei all won the title contests.

The Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup was held in Taichung City where all of their stars are planning to attend and increase their ring experiences in the tough year. The female and male boxers could compete in the National President’s Cup in Taichung City from the high school level up to the elite event. The event was also selection for their junior, youth and elite boxers for the future international tournaments.

Their promising boxers returned to the trainings after the quarantine period a few months ago in June and following the smaller regional events, their Boxing Federation arranged a big national event, the Intercollegiate Athletic Games in Taipei City in the beginning of November and the National President’s Cup followed that competition. Altogether 88 elite male boxers attended in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup in Taichung City.

Tu Po Wei claimed silver medal at the FISU University World Boxing Championships and he is one of the highest ranked male boxers in Chinese Taipei. He met with China’s eventual winner Hu Jianguan in the preliminary round of the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event in Amman and he was near to beat his star rival. Tu Po Wei met in the final of the flyweight (52kg) with his top national rival, Hung Chuan Hsun and this time he was able to beat his younger fellow in a superb contest.

Chen Po Yi represented Chinese Taipei in the recent competitions and he won all of his four contests at the featherweight (57kg) in Taichung City. The 22-year-old boxer was too strong for Pan Chien Yu in the final of the category and his opponent’s ringside abandoned their unequal fight in the second round.

Lai Chu En has qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the age of 20 as first boxer from Chinese Taipei since 1996. The currently 24-year-old boxer won the lightweight (63kg) once again in the President’s Cup following his success over teenage hope Lin Yu. Pintung’s boxing star FISU University World Champion Pan Hung Ming dominated the welterweight (69kg) including his final against Chen Ssu Hung.

Sixteen boxers competed at the men’s middleweight (75kg) in Taichung City where Wang Chia Chun became the winner of the category following his triumph over Wang Yu Chih. Kan Chia Wei joined to the national team in 2016 at the age of 18 and he is famous of his strength. Kan moved up to the light heavyweight (81kg) but he dominated his four contests in Taichung City and won his next national title.

Ho Shao Hui has got international experiences from various events but he had to do his very best against Chu Chun Chieh in the final of the heavyweight (91kg). Chang Wei Hao stopped Hung Chun Wei in the semi-finals of the super heavyweight (+91kg) and walked over to the title of the eighth male category.

List of the winners in the Chinese Taipei Men’s Elite National President’s Cup
Men’s 52kg: Tu Po Wei
Men’s 57kg: Chen Po Yi
Men’s 63kg: Lai Chu En
Men’s 69kg: Pan Hung Ming
Men’s 75kg: Wang Chia Chun
Men’s 81kg: Kan Chia Wei
Men’s 91kg: Ho Shao Hui
Men’s +91kg: Chang Wei Hao

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