Three Asian gold medals in the strong Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament in Anapa

Photo Source: Natalia Kazanova

The Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament is one of the strongest competition for that age group in the World which was held in Anapa, Russia in the recent days. The Asian youth boxers claimed three gold, two silver and four bronze medals in the new edition of the Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament in Anapa.
Uzbekistan’s Samandar Kholmurodov joined to the youth age group this January and he began the year with a tournament title in Anapa. The young Uzbek talent was amazing against Kyrgyzstan’s new sensation in the light flyweight (49kg) Rustam Muratov and claimed the gold medal in Anapa. Besides to the two Central Asian finalists of the category Kazakhstan’s Timur Kabdeshov claimed bronze medal in Anapa.
Kazakhstan’s Yevgeniy Pavlov competed at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in St. Petersburg and since then he moved up one category. The taller Kazakh boxer, who will be turning to 18 only later this year, used his height advantage in the competition successfully. He controlled his final fight against Russia’s Vladimir Tereshin which was his first gold medal bout at the flyweight (52kg). Pavlov felt the rhythm of the bout and his well-built tactic delivered for him a gold medal in Anapa.
Uzbekistan’s second gold medal was delivered by AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Halimbek Utegenov who was born only in 2000 and joined to the age group this January. The 16-year-old Uzbek talent defeated Russia’s favourite Eduard Savin in the gold medal bout of the bantamweight (56kg) and proved his development in the sport is continuous.

The Asian medallists in the Pavlyukov Youth Memorial Tournament:
Gold medal – usbekistan Samandar Kholmurodov, Uzbekistan, 49kg
Gold medal – Kazakhstan Yevgeniy Pavlov, Kazakhstan, 52kg
Gold medal – usbekistan Halimbek Utegenov, Uzbekistan, 56kg
Silver medal – kyrgyzstan Rustam Muratov, Kyrgyzstan, 49kg
Silver medal – Kazakhstan Rustem Bayeshev, Kazakhstan, +91kg
Bronze medal – Kazakhstan Timur Kabdeshov, Kazakhstan, 49kg
Bronze medal – Kazakhstan Alibek Zharkynbek, Kazakhstan, 56kg
Bronze medal – usbekistan Bilolbek Mirzarakhimov, Uzbekistan, 64kg
Bronze medal – usbekistan Javokhir Togaymuradov, Uzbekistan, 81kg