The Uzbekistan Youth National Championships began in Khorezm with the participation of 335 boxers

Uzbekistan Boxing Federation hosted national events for their women’s elite, youth and junior boxers, furthermore to their men’s elite and junior athletes in the recent one and half month to keep all of their talents in the sport. Their next competition, the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships will be held in the city of Khorezm in the upcoming days.

Historical Khorezm is located in the Western part of the country in the lower reached of the Amu-Darya river and it borders with Turkmenistan, the Bukhara region and Karakalpakstan. The region produced also fantastic boxers in the recent nearly thirty years since the country’s independence from the Soviet Union.

Boxers who were born in 2003 and in 2004 are eligible to compete in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships which age group will be effective for the international youth competitions in 2021. Their main goals could be the 2021 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships and the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships.

Their male talents can attend in eleven weight categories in the new edition of the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships in Khorezm. The pinweight (46kg), the light flyweight (49kg), the flyweight (52kg), the bantamweight (56kg), the lightweight (60kg), the light welterweight (64kg), the welterweight (69kg), the middleweight (75kg), the light heavyweight (81kg), the heavyweight (91kg) and the super heavyweight (+91kg) will be held in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships.

Altogether 335 boxers have been registered to attend in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships in Khorezm therefore the local organizers have to arrange 324 contests. The lightweight (60kg) is the most popular category with 54 boxers on the board but the bantamweight (56kg) is also impressive with its entry number of 52 athletes.

Many of the best Uzbek youth boxers received the right to attend in their Elite National Championships in Tashkent in the end of October and those can rest in the Youth National Championships. ASBC Asian Junior Champions as Login Petrov and Jakhongir Zokirov will be missing the event and keep their focus on the main goals of 2021.

In their absence Bekzod Kholdorov, Anvar Boltaboyev, Asrorbek Shakhobiddinov, Gofurjon Tokhirov, Bilolbek Ikhvolov, Lazizbek Fattoyev, Bekzod Bekmurodov, Samandar Toshpulatov, and Azizbek Tojiyev could be the main stars of the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships. All of them achieved already top international results while Azizbek Tojiyev is ASBC Asian Junior Champion and one of our ASBC Heroes.

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