The registrations for the 73rd Bornemissza Youth-Junior-Schoolboys-Schoolgirls Memorial Tournament are still available for all National Federations

The Bornemissza Memorial Tournament is one of the oldest competitions in the world and the event will be held in Eger, Hungary on May 12-18 this year. All of the National Federations can manage three age groups and both genders in this event.

The competition could be a great preparation for the upcoming ASBC Asian Junior & Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Boxing Championships which will start in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on August 21.

This will be the 73rd edition in Hungary and only the Strandja Memorial Tournament is older in the whole world. The schoolgirls and the schoolboys have been added to the official program of the upcoming Bornemissza Memorial Tournament. The juniors and the youth boxers are also in the agenda as in the previous years.

The arrival of the delegations is the Budapest International Airport and the local organizers will arrange the transportation to the historic city of Eger which is in the middle of a wine region.

The competition was named after a talented Hungarian lieutenant, a national hero and icon, Mr. Gergely Bornemissza who supported the successful defence of the Castle of Eger during the Ottoman Siege in 1552.

Among the top boxing nations, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Japan, Canada, United States of America, Russia, India, Mongolia, Ukraine, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Jordan, France, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Montenegro, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and host Hungary all competed in Eger in the recent years.

The age groups of the competition
Youth boxers: 2006-2007 born athletes
Junior boxers: 2008-2009 born athletes
Schoolboys & Schoolgirls: 2010-2011 born athletes

The schedule of the 2024 Bornemissza Memorial Tournament
May 12 – Arrival of the delegations
May 12, 20:30 – Technical Meeting
May 12, 21:00 – Official Draw
May 13, 13:00 – Official Opening Ceremony
May 13, 13:10 – Day1 competition
May 14, 13:00 – Day2 competition
May 15, 13:00 – Day3 competition
May 16, 13:00 – Day4 competition with the schoolgirls and schoolboys finals
May 17, 13:00 – Day5 competition with the youth and junior finals
May 18 – Departure of the delegations

The LOC of the 2024 Bornemissza Memorial Tournament
Hungarian Boxing Association
Mr. Roland Juhasz
Mr. Peter Dorko
Phone: +36 1 4606879

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