The Punjab Panthers overwhelmed the Bombay Bullets in the fourth match of the Big Bout Boxing League

The fourth match was held in the Indian Big Bout Boxing League which was taking place between the Punjab Panthers and the Bombay Bullets. The Punjab Panthers had already one match in the Big Bout Boxing League and their boxers had more experiences in the second appearance which they won 5-2 against the Bombay Bullets.

Big Bout is the official name of the Indian Boxing League which is a new program of the Boxing Federation of India which will be closing the busy year of 2019. Boxing Federation of India covered all costs for the boxers including flight tickets, accommodation, meals and local transportation, furthermore strong money prizes for the boxers. The competition period of the League is from December 2 until December 21 which is open for top foreign boxers as well.  

Uzbekistan’s Abdumalik Khalakov is Youth Olympic Games winner, AIBA Youth World Champion and ASBC Asian Youth Champion therefore his success over Bombay’s Kavinder Singh Bisht was not a surprise. The super talented 19-year-old Uzbek became the Best of the Day after beating his Indian rival who claimed medal in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in Bangkok.

Punjab’s second success was achieved by Lalitha Prasad Polipalli who has been attending in the international events since 2011 therefore he was more experienced than Bombay’s Ananta Chopade. Punjab’s three-in-a-row success was achieved by AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Manisha Moun who defeated her Bombay opponent at the women’s lightweight (60kg).

Bombay’s best boxer of the day was Naveen Boora who had a surprise win over Punjab’s Commonwealth Games winner veteran Manoj Kumar at the welterweight (69kg). Punjab came back to the business in the fifth bout of the night when six-time AIBA Women’s World Champion star Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte had a superb success over Colombia’s Rio 2016 Olympic Games bronze medallist Ingrit Lorena Valencia at the flyweight (51kg). Naveen Kumar guaranteed the success of Punjab Panthers which franchise won the contest by 5-2 in the fourth match of the League.

Final Results
Punjab Panthers vs. Bombay Bullets 5-2
Men’s 57kg: Abdumalik Khalakov (Punjab, UZB) – Kavinder Singh Bisht (Bombay) 5-0
Men’s 52kg: Lalitha Prasad Polipalli (Punjab) – Ananta Chopade (Bombay) 5-0
Women’s 60kg: Manisha Moun (Punjab) – Tiezissa Noetii (Bombay) 5-0
Men’s 69kg: Naveen Boora (Bombay) – Manoj Kumar (Punjab) 4-1
Women’s 51kg: Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte (Punjab) – Ingrit Lorena Valencia (Bombay, COL) 5-0
Men’s 91kg: Naveen Kumar (Punjab) – Emmanuel Reyes (Bombay, ESP) 3-2
Men’s 75kg: Prayag Chauhan (Bombay) – Mohit Kumar (Punjab) 3-2

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