The Kyrgyzstan Junior National Championships will be held in March 23-27

Bishkek hosted the new edition of the Kyrgyzstan Youth National Championships at the Kozhomkul Sport Hall which was an excellent event. The Central Asian boxing power can arrange national events during the Covid-19 pandemic and their boxers have been preparing hard in all age groups for the upcoming events.

The Kyrgyz Boxing Federation’s next national competition in 2021 will be the Junior National Championships which is scheduled to be held in March 23-27. The Kyrgyz female and male junior talents are all excited to return to the national level of boxing which could be their first highlight this year.

The Bishkek City Junior Championships was one of the preparation and selection events before the Kyrgyzstan Junior National Championships. Former Olympic Games quarter-finalist Almazbek “Kid Diamond” Raimkulov and Kyrgyzstan’s former professional World Champion Orzubek Nazarov were the guests of the Bishkek City Junior Boxing Championships. Altogether 90 male boxers competed in the strong Bishkek City Junior Championships from the 42kg category up to the heavyweight (+80kg).

Boxers who were born in 2005 and in 2006 are eligible to attend in the upcoming Kyrgyz Junior National Championships. The Kyrgyz Boxing Federation works for the development of women’s boxing and their female hopes are planning to attend in the national event. All of the regions and cities have been invited to attend in the Kyrgyz Junior National Championships where 15 male categories are scheduled.

The Kyrgyz Junior National Championships will be a preparation event before the main goals of the year as the planned Children of Asia Games which is postponed from 2020. There will be several other international events for the junior boxers in 2021 according to the current plans including tournaments in Kazakhstan, Hungary, Azerbaijan, Serbia and other nations.

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