The India Shadowboxing Challenge is the answer of BFI to the Covid-19 pandemic to inspire its boxing community from May 21

Boxing Federation of India (BFI) will be launching their next project from May 21 to get inspired its community and boxing family. Following the approval of the European Shadowboxing Challenge, the Boxing Federation of India is ready to do his national project the India Shadowboxing Challenge in the second part of the month. The Indian Boxing Community fights back against the Covid-19 with this new program.

Boxing Federation of India invites boxing lovers from all regions of the country to attend in the new kind of challenge. All of the Indian competitors can produce 30-seconds of videos in which they can combine all kind of their techniques and different style of punches during this Indian Shadowboxing Challenge. The competition is open for women and men in each age group, starts on May 21 and will be finished on May 31.

Shadowboxing is a special exercise used in the daily training which is one of the important parts of the preparations before the boxing competitions. Most of the boxing coaches prefer and ask their pupils to do shadow boxing as start of the training to get their muscles ready for other activities, make warm-ups and precise their techniques.

The winners of the various age groups will be decided after the deadline of the Indian Shadowboxing Challenge. The management of the Boxing Federation of India including well-known ITO Mr. Jay Kowli divided the challenge into several categories based on the ages of the participants of the Indian Shadowboxing Challenge as below.

Age Groups in the Challenge:
– Stalwarts +80 years
– Veterans +70 years
– Marshals +60 years
– Captains +50 years
– Seniors +40 years
– Elites U40 years
– Youth U19 years
– Juniors U17 years
– Sub-juniors U15 years
– Cadets U13 years
– Cubs U11 years
– J class U9 years

How to participate and social media links:
Participants can post their videos to the new Facebook Group along with the following details: name, age, category, state, city, mobile number and use a hashtag of #ISBC2020. The participants of the Indian Shadowboxing Challenge also can forward their short videos on Telegram or on WhatsApp.
Telegram link:
WhatsApp link:

Contact details for assistance:
– G2 Tawde: 9833431274
– Nrupal: 9082293410
– Vimlesh: 9892639021
– Bhanji: 9769927393

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