The first Virtual ASBC Executive Committee meeting was held online via Zoom to negotiate the main issues which affects the continent’s boxing life

The top management of the Asian Boxing Confederation hold its first historical Virtual Executive Committee Meeting via Zoom to negotiate the most important topics during the Covid-19 pandemic. Altogether 10 out of the 15 ASBC Executive Committee members could attend in the online meeting.

ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba of United Arab Emirates, and all of the four ASBC Vice-Presidents as Mr. Yousuf Ali Al-Kazim of Qatar, Mr. Chaiwat Chotima of Thailand, Mr. Wu Di of China and Mr. Yoo Jae Joon of South Korea attended in the meeting. Furthermore, five EC members as Ms. Shelly Selowati H. Soejono of Indonesia, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir of Singapore, Mr. Edgar Picson of the Philippines, Mr. Jay Kowli of India and Mr. Dian Gomes of Sri Lanka joined to the ASBC Executive Committee meeting.

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Anas Alotaiba welcomed all of the EC members during his opening speech of the meeting. The Covid-19 pandemic affects all of the activities of the Asian Boxing Confederation and the target of the EC Meeting was to discuss about the main issues. Mr. Anas Alotaiba extended his sincere condolences to Mr. Dian Gomes who lost his mother last month.

Mr. Anas Alotaiba welcomed his ASBC Presidential Senior Advisor Mr. Raj Kumar Sacheti of India in the meeting. The previous Minutes of the Meeting have been sent to all officials by ASBC Executive Director Mr. Ali Salameh and it was approved by the EC members. The ASBC Grand Slam Boxing Championships was launched in 2019 and it was approved that it is the property of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

Mr. Jay Kowli of India suggested to establish regional federations within the Asian Boxing Confederation which point will be studied by the ASBC President and the ASBC Executive Director in the upcoming weeks. The ASBC 2019 Annual Report was approved by the Executive Committee members by unanimous decisions.

The 2020 ASBC Boxing Calendar contained five competitions originally but due to the Covid-19 situation it is necessary to re-schedule them. The upcoming ASBC events could be held in the last quarter of the year or in 2021 depends on the Covid-19 situation through the continent. Following Mr. Edgar Picson’s suggestion, the members approved to wait until August to take final decisions regarding hosting the events. Mr. Wu Di informed the members that he will be continued his developments to organize the ASBC Asian Grand Slam Boxing Championships as in 2019.

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